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A New Favorite

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A New Favorite

Quest giver
Il Mheg (X:30.3, Y:8.4)

Required items
1  Pixie Treasure
Experience ?????
"?????" is not a number.
Gil 1,487
Previous quest
The Dependable Darling
The Key Ingredient

Sandman needs you to help Tonatiuh settle into his new life.

— In-game description


Optional rewards



  • Sandman needs you to help Tonatiuh settle into his new life.
  • As part of Tonatiuh's responsibilities to the flock, Sandman has a mind to make him their envoy to the pixies. To that end, he tasks you with watching over the young amaro in his initial efforts to navigate the vagaries of pixie temperament. The knowledge that you have a friend in Lydha Lran reassures Sandman, who bids you relay the details of your conversation with him to Tonatiuh.
  • Though Tonatiuh is admittedly daunted by the prospect of dealing with the pixies, he is heartened to have help in the form of Ul Thon. Together you set out for Lydha Lran to meet with the pixie.
  • According to Ul Thon, the surest way to be a good envoy is to become popular among the pixies. This requires Tomatiuh to prove that he can play with them as their equals, by beating them at their own games. Not waiting for a reply, Ul Thon declares that they will introduce you to some friends, and bids you follow them.
  • In order to win over the pixies, it is decided that you and Tomatiuh will play a game of treasure hunt with them. The pixies will stand guard over their treasures, which you must obtain without being detected. When you are ready to begin, Ul Thon will cast an enchantment on you to make you invisible.
  • At your word, Ul Thon renders you invisible, and you set about the task of obtaining the treasures under the pixies' noses.
  • To the pixies' confoundment, you make off with two of their treasures and carry them back to Ul Thon.
  • Ul Thon confirms that you have obtained two of three treasures; but one more and victory will be yours. Though Tonatiuh is presumably still out there looking for the last treasure, his spell should have long faded. Worried that the amaro may have become lost, you and Ul Thon set out to look for him.
  • Rather far away from Lydha Lran, you find the mean pixie and Tomatiuh being attacked by hawkers, which you promptly put down. With the danger passed, you turn your attention to your charge.
  • Grateful for your aid, the mean pixie undergoes a change of heart and embraces Tomatiuh as a friend. This not only serves to give the amaro the confidence to do his duty as envoy, but awakens him to the joy of making friends. While Tomatiuh continues to play with the pixies and Ul Thon works to retain their crown as the darling of Lydha Lran, you bend your steps back to Wolekdorf to report to Sandman.
  • Sandman is glad that the pixies have accepted Tomatiuh, and gladder still for the change that has come to the young amaro. Whereas Tomatiuh once chose solitude, he now embraces friendship. The trials and triumphs of youth strikes a chord with the old amaro, who looks forward to dreaming of his own days as a fledgling.



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