A Kobold Initiative

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A Kobold Initiative

Quest giver
The Waking Sands (X:6, Y:5)
Required quest
Main Scenario QuestThe Black Wolf's Ultimatum
Experience 6,440
Gil 0
Next quest
Side QuestA Pirate's Life for Me
Side QuestHonor the Fallen

Slafswys has a plan that requires an adventurer's aid.

— In-game description


  • Speak with Bloeidin at Camp Overlook


  • Slafswys has a plan that requires an adventurer's aid.
  • Commander Bloeidin expresses his admiration for Slafswys's courage and ingenuity, and appears willing to offer his aid in the operation.


Accepting the Quest

Slafswys: Read the riptides and the winds, and brace yerself for the comin' storm...
Learned as much when I sailed as a Yellowjacket, aye.
Slafswys: The wisdom of the seas has served me just as well on land. The beast tribes are a storm in the brewin', and neither the Scions nor the city-states can allow themselves to be caught unawares.
Slafswys: Nay, we must strike first and nip the storm in the bud. I'd start with the kobolds—I reckon they've grown a bit too big for their breeches of late.
Slafswys: One more thing I learned as a Yellowjacket is that yer ship is only as steady as yer crew. Before takin' on the kobolds, I've a mind to round up some new allies.
Slafswys: In Camp Overlook, ye'll find a crew of pirates who've given up pillagin' and plunderin', and now fly the flag of the Maelstrom.
Slafswys: I'd bring them onboard to fight the kobold menance, but I've a notion that an honest plea from yerself would be more convincin'. Might ye travel to Camp Overlook and speak to Commander Bloeidin in my stead? Ye'd be doin' us a great service, aye.

Speaking with Bloeidin

Bloeidin: Adventurer, eh? With a message from Slafswys, you say?
Bloeidin: Eh? A preemptive strike to take the wind out of the kobolds' sails before they can mount an attack?
Bloeidin: And she'd recruit old buccaneers like us for the effort? This, when even Admiral Merlwyb has her hands full with the damn beasts? Why, that's wither the most barnacle-brained idea I've heard...or the most bloody brilliant!
Bloeidin: Gahaha! I'll confess—I had my doubts when I heard she was leaving the Yellowjackets, but I see that wench's as salty a sea dog as ever. Aye, this should prove most interesting.