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Marauder Hunting Log


Rank 1

Rank 1 Marauder Hunting log requires the player to kill 33 monsters in La Noscea. Players are rewarded with 2500 experience points for completing all the tasks.

Title Icon Task Location Reward
Marauder 01 Arcanist 1.png Little Ladybug X 3 Middle La Noscea (x23,y24) 75 EXP
Marauder 02 Arcanist 2.png Wharf Rat X 3 Middle La Noscea (x21,y23) 180 EXP
Marauder 03 aurelia1.png Aurelia X 3 Lower La Noscea (x24,y26) 360 EXP
Marauder 04 bee cloud1.png Bee Cloud X 3 Middle La Noscea (x19,y18) 410 EXP
Marauder 05 wild dodo1.png Wild Dodo X 3 Lower La Noscea (x29,y19) 530 EXP
Marauder 06 tiny mandragora1.png Tiny Mandragora X 3 Middle La Noscea (x22,y18) 980 EXP
Marauder 07 Arcanist 7.png Bogy X 3 Middle La Noscea (x20,y19) 1,100 EXP
Marauder 08 wounded aurochs1.png Wounded Aurochs X 3 Middle La Noscea (x18,y17) 1,300 EXP
Marauder 09 grounded raider1.png Grounded Raider X 3 Middle La Noscea (x20,y17) 1,600 EXP
Marauder 10 megalocrab.png Megalocrab X 3 Middle La Noscea (x14,y13) 1,700 EXP

Rank 2

Title Icon Task Location Reward
Marauder 11 Firefly1.png Firefly X 4 Lower La Noscea (x26,y37) 2,300 EXP
Marauder 12 Arcanist 12.png Mossless Goobbue X 4 Lower La Noscea (x22,y24) 3,200 EXP
Marauder 13 Arcanist 13.png Fat Dodo X 4 Western La Noscea (x32,y27) 4,000 EXP
Marauder 14 Moraby mole1.png Moraby Mole X 4 Lower La Noscea (x21,y34) 4,500 EXP
Marauder 15 Arcanist 15.png Qiqirn Eggdigger X 4 Lower La Noscea (x18,y35) 5,000 EXP
Marauder 16 Rhotano buccaneer1.png Rhotano Buccaneer X 4 Western La Noscea (x33,y27) 5,300 EXP
Marauder 17 Dusk bat1.png
Puk patchling1.png
Dusk Bat X 4
Puk Hatchling X 3
Hedgemole X 2
Western La Noscea (x28,y24)
Western La Noscea (x28,y24)
Western La Noscea (x26,y23)
5,500 EXP
Marauder 18 Rothlyt pelican1.png Rothlyt Pelican X 4 Western La Noscea (x24,y22) 5,700 EXP
Marauder 19 Arcanist 19.png Killer Mantis X 4 Western La Noscea (x21,y22) 5,900 EXP
Marauder 20 Wild wolf1.png Wild Wolf X 4 Upper La Noscea (x13,y26) 6,100 EXP

Rank 3

Title Icon Task Location Reward
Marauder 21 Stoneshell1.png Stoneshell X 4 Upper La Noscea (x13,y24) 6,300 EXP
Marauder 22 Diseased treant1.png Diseased Treant X 4 East Shroud (x17,y23) 6,500 EXP
Marauder 23 Yarzon scavenger1.png Yarzon Scavenger X 4 Western Thanalan (x15,y7)
North Shroud (x21,y30)
6,700 EXP
Marauder 24 Redbelly larcener1.png Redbelly Larcener X 4 South Shroud (x21,y17) 6,900 EXP
Marauder 25 Shroud hare1.png Shroud Hare X 4 North Shroud (x17,y27) 7,100 EXP
Marauder 26 Sabotender1.png Sabotender X 4 Southern Thanalan (x14,y14) 7,600 EXP
Marauder 27 Balloon1.png
Sandskin peiste1.png
Balloon X 4
Phurble X 3
Sandskin Peiste X 2
North Shroud (x17,y26)
Eastern Thanalan (x22,y21)
Southern Thanalan (x19,y10)
8,600 EXP
Marauder 28 Axe beak1.png Axe Beak X 4 Eastern Thanalan (x27,y17) 9,400 EXP
Marauder 29 Toadstool1.png Toadstool X 4 Central Shroud (x14,y17) 9,700 EXP
Marauder 30 Floating eye1.png Floating Eye X 4 Central Shroud (x10,y23) 10,000 EXP

Rank 4

Title Icon Task Location Reward
Marauder 31 Stroper1.png Stroper X 4 South Shroud (x19,y28)
Central Shroud (x12,y21)
11,000 EXP
Marauder 32 Adamantoise1.png
Smoke bomb1.png
Grass raptor1.png
Adamantoise X 4
Smoke Bomb X 3
Grass Raptor X 2
South Shroud (x15,y29)
Southern Thanalan (x19,y34)
Eastern La Noscea (x15,y26)
12,000 EXP
Marauder 33 Snipper1.png Snipper X 4 Eastern La Noscea (x31,y35) 12,500 EXP
Marauder 34 Bloodshore bell1.png Bloodshore Bell X 4 Eastern La Noscea (x31,y26) 13,000 EXP
Marauder 35 Jungle coeurl1.png Jungle Coeurl X 4 Eastern La Noscea (x19,y28) 13,500 EXP
Marauder 36 Snow wolf pup1.png Snow Wolf Pup X 1 Coerthas Central Highlands (x21,y29) 14,000 EXP
Marauder 37 Redhorn ogre1.png
Ornery karakul1.png
Highland goobbue1.png
Redhorn Ogre X 2
Ornery Karakul X 4
Highland Goobbue X 3
Coerthas Central Highlands (x25,y19) 14,500 EXP
Marauder 38 Downy aevis1.png Downy Aevis X 4 Coerthas Central Highlands (x26,y10) 15,000 EXP
Marauder 39 Snowstorm goobbue1.png Snowstorm Goobbue X 4 Coerthas Central Highlands (x19,y17) 16,000 EXP
Marauder 40 Grenade1.png Grenade X 4 Outer La Noscea (x23,y13) 16,500 EXP

Rank 5

Title Icon Task Location Reward
Marauder 41 Molted ziz1.png Molted Ziz X 5 East Shroud - Larkscall (x25,y24) 17,000 EXP
Marauder 42 Quartz doblyn1.png
Dead mans moan1.png
Quartz Doblyn X 5
Dead Man's Moan X 3
Morbol X 2
Eastern Thanalan - The Burning Wall (x31,y26)
Western La Noscea - The Isles of Umbra (x15,y35)
East Shroud - Larkscall (x23,y21)
17,500 EXP
Marauder 43 Crater golem1.png Crater Golem X 1 Central Shroud - The Standing Corses (x11,y17) 18,000 EXP
Marauder 44 Wild hog1.png Wild Hog X 5 South Shroud - Urth's Gift (x29,y24) 18,500 EXP
Marauder 45 Biast1.png Biast X 5 Coerthas Central Highlands - Boulder Downs (x16,y30) 19,000 EXP
Marauder 46 5th cohort signifer1.png 5th Cohort Signifer X 5 Mor Dhona - Fogfens (x9,y14) 19,500 EXP
Marauder 47 Synthetic doblyn1.png
Iron tortoise1.png
Synthetic Doblyn X 5
Watchwolf X 3
Iron Tortoise X 2
Outer La Noscea - U'Ghamaro Mines (x23,y8)
North Shroud - Proud Creek (x20,y20)
Southern Thanalan - Zanr'ak (x19,y23)
20,000 EXP
Marauder 48 Milkroot cluster1.png Milkroot Cluster X 5 East Shroud - Sylphlands (x23,y16) 20,500 EXP
Marauder 49 4th cohort secutor1.png 4th Cohort Secutor X 5 Western Thanalan - Cape Westwind (x10,y6) 21,000 EXP
Marauder 50 2nd cohort laquearius1.png 2nd Cohort Laquearius X 5 Eastern La Noscea - Agelyss Wyse (x28,y21) 21,500 EXP

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