World of Wonders

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World of Wonders

World of Wonders.png
Quest giver
Airship Ticketer
The Gold Saucer (X:5.3, Y:8.0)
Experience 0
Gil 0
Previous quest
It Could Happen to You

The attendant at the airship landing seems eager to welcome you to The Gold Saucer.

— In-game description





  • Speak with Veleda at the Cactpot Board.


  • The attendant at the airship landing seems eager to welcome you to the Gold Saucer.
  • You have been invited to participate in an introductory tour of the Gold Saucer, at the conclusion of which you will apparently be entitled to some manner of complimentary gift. The economics of complimentary gifts aside, there seems little reason not to take part. Proceed to the main counter and inform the receptionist of your readiness to begin.
  • Having enthusiastically welcomed you to the Gold Saucer, the receptionist points out the gates leading to one of its main attractions: the chocobo races. He then explains that most transactions within the establishment are conducted in Manderville Gold Saucer Points (MGP), and directs you to his colleague to learn more about the currency and how to acquire it.
  • You step away from the front desk with a newfound understanding of MGP. To continue your tour, proceed to Card Square, where the Triple Triad trader is waiting to teach you more about Eorzea's favorite new card game.
  • The Triple Triad trader introduces you to the realm's most popular new card game, encouraging you to return at any time to learn the rules and begin building a deck of your own. The next stop on your tour will be Wonder Square─make your way there and listen to what the resident GATE Keeper has to say.
  • You learn that Wonder Square is home to an assortment of games─as well as a giant revolving cactuar named “El Coloso,” which features prominently in a number of events. Continue on to the second floor of Event Square, where an attendant named Veleda awaits you by the Cactpot Board.
  • Veleda cheerfully welcomes you to Event Square, home to the Gold Saucer's center stage and the lucrative lottery known as the Jumbo Cactpot. Apparently conscious of the time, she soon blows you a kiss and sends you on your way to the final place of interest on your tour: the incongruously named Round Square. Speak with the GATE Keeper there to continue your tour.
  • Though your visit to Round Square notably fails to shed any light on its oxymoronic name, it does alert you to the presence of a massive boulder dubbed Mt. Corel─the scene of a rousing mountaineering challenge in which you are heartily encouraged to participate. The GATE Keeper informs you that your tour is complete, and encourages you to return to the main counter to receive your complimentary gift. Whatever could it be?
  • Even as you receive your long-anticipated gift, you are greeted by Master Roland, the overseer entrusted with managing daily operations at the Gold Saucer. Observing that you are an adventurer, he shares with you the story behind the birth of the establishment, and the ambitious goals of his esteemed employer, the singular Godbert Manderville. Trusting that you share a common understanding, he takes his leave, encouraging you to enjoy all that the Gold Saucer has to offer.