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(This account is inactive)

Hi! I'm Valento.


I've played several MMOs, but mainly free-to-play or buy-to-play. The first wiki I contributed to was Guild Wars 2 Official Wiki, and the second Metabattle. I'm not very exp with css, but I learned a lot with wiki markup, and specially a few tricks with SMW.

I'm hoping to contribute and help this wiki grow, because a written reference makes a huge difference for an MMORPG and can cause gigantic effects on a community. :)


  • Sandboxes (default) - I create fancy things when I'm feeling inspired. <3
  • To-Do List - My todo-list.
  • Wikis Must-have - Things that a wiki should have to help organizing it.
  • Fix it! - A list of things that supposedly need to be manually fixed.