The Past Is a Story We Never Tell

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The Past Is a Story We Never Tell

The Past Is a Story We Never Tell.png
Quest giver
Deputy Postmoogle
Limsa Lominsa Lower Decks (X:10.4, Y:11.3)
Quest line
Delivery Moogle Quests

Experience 0
Gil 2,413

Letters are the most eloquent in what they do not say, and the tale behind this wordless missive could fill many a parchment scroll.

— In-game description


Optional rewards



  • Letters are the most eloquent in what they do not say, and the tale behind this wordless missive could fill many a parchment scroll.
  • The deputy postmoogle has a task for you. Deliver a letter to Mauh Lihzeh, a traveling merchant who can be found on Sweetbloom Pier in the East Shroud.
  • You give the letter to Mauh Lihzeh and receive a tale in return. Mauh's long-missing sister Urha can perhaps be found in the South Shroud, if you would go to the marked spots and keep your eyes open.
  • Your search for Urha Lihzeh is abruptly interrupted by an attack from the Coeurlclaw poachers, a gang much feared and loathed in the Black Shroud. Lest they return in force, move on to the next spot marked on the map and keep watch.
  • With her rough-hewn beauty and quick temper, Urha Lihzeh cuts a very different figure from her younger sister. Present her with the letter lest she dispatch you with the same brutality she showed the Wood Wailer.
  • Urha Lihzeh's demeanor changes the instant she learns you come from her sister. Suddenly fearful yet full of longing, she asks you to meet her in Urth's Fount.
  • Urha's tale is one lived out in every zone of chaos, every realm where the granaries are locked against those in need. Now a hardened lawbreaker and a part of the cultish Coeurlclaw gang, Urha still longs to see her only living family, if you would take her words to Mauh Lihzeh on Sweetbloom Pier.
  • Mauh confides in you that she is determined to persuade her sister to leave a life of crime. Now that Urha has asked Mauh to meet her, Mauh believes she can bring her home from the Upper Paths─with your help.
  • The reunion is a bittersweet one, so full of secrets and sorrow is the past. And it promises to soon turn bloody, for Urha's gang is on to her secret meeting. Cut the poachers down in their hiding spot, while the sisters escape.
  • Thanks to you, these poachers will hunt Urha and Mauh no more. You have a rendezvous to keep with the sisters, and some difficult persuading to do. Make your way to the Lower Paths, where the sisters await.
  • You did not have far to go before running into Urha and Mauh at a Wood Wailer checkpoint...and into the poachers' self-styled King, who plays on Urha's fears to reclaim her as his chattel. Urha is a hardened killer with much to answer for, yet witnessing the Wailers' treatment of the two Miqo'te leaves a bad taste in your mouth. But this is not your concern─Mauh's safety is.
  • In Mauh Lihzeh's anger and resolve, you see the shades of another young woman bent on saving her family─and trading away her own future for it. If Mauh Lihzeh is to hunt the Coeurlclaw King as she swears, she will need all the help she can get. Henceforth, any Coeurlclaw poacher you see is fit to be put down.