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The Incredible Machines

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The Incredible Machines

The Incredible Machines.png
Quest giver
Mare Lamentorum (X:17.6, Y:16.2)
Quest line
Loporrit Main Quests
Required items
1 Machining supply materials icon1.png  Machining Supply Materials
1 Machining supplies icon1.png  Machining Supplies
Disciple of the Hand
Experience ????? "?????" is not a number.
Gil 1,055
Previous quest
Feature QuestMust Be Dreaming(way)
Next quest
Feature QuestToo Few Cooks

Dreamingway has big plans for Hoper's Hold.

※The difficulty of this quest will be synced to your current level.

— In-game description





  • Though the musicking and shopping stations have been a resounding success, Dreamingway laments that Hoper's Hold still has few dreams on offer. Fortunately, Managingway has a suggestion for another Loporrit you might bring into the fold─Repairingway─so you resolve to have her come and set up a station in the Dreaming Workshop forthwith.
    • ※Please note that you may not proceed with a class or job that is different from when you accepted this quest.
  • You speak with Repairingway, who it seems is far too busy keeping the moon in shipshape to join the Dreaming Workshop, much as she appreciates the need for it. All is not lost, however, as she is able to offer the name of another machine enthusiast with far more time to spare.
  • Following Repairingway's advice, you offer Inventingway a station where he might innovate to his heart's content. The struggling Loporrit gladly takes you up on this, eager to at last find employment where his passion will be seen as a boon rather than a liability.
  • Back in Hoper's Hold, you consult with Dreamingway as to your role in preparing the machining station. He passes on Managingway's instructions for what items to craft, as well as the materials you will need to create them.
  • You present your finished machining accoutrements to a duly impressed Dreamingway. The very moment he delivers them to Inventingway, the eccentric Loporrit jumps into action, and soon an array of perplexing machines stands before you. Their utility─or lack thereof─aside, they make for an inspiring sight, and will hopefully spark a new sense of purpose in many a Loporrit, though you would be remiss to rest upon your laurels now. There are surely more Loporrits out there with dreams to share, and not all comers have been impressed with the offerings thus far...