The Captain of Her Heart

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The Captain of Her Heart

The Captain of Her Heart.png
Quest giver
Deputy Postmoogle
Limsa Lominsa Lower Decks (X:10.4, Y:11.3)
Quest line
Delivery Moogle
Experience 0
Gil 879

Ah, to have the trust of the diminutive Deputy Postmoogle! For this you would gladly risk the roughest cutthroats in outer La Noscea, yes, you would.

— In-game description



  • Ah, to have the trust of the diminutive deputy postmoogle! For this you would gladly risk the roughest cutthroats in outer La Noscea, yes, you would.
  • There is a letter addressed to Sergeant Swygrael, which you must deliver forthwith in spite of the postmoogle's airy talk of baleful glances and untamed corsairs.
  • The sergeant of the Red Swallows takes the letter with a thanks and a stream of curses. The unit's recruiting drive has apparently been less successful than she would like. The sergeant's last hope may currently be facing difficulties among the Nymian ruins. This so-called miniature marauder would no doubt appreciate any assistance you can render her.
  • The marauder was indeed under attack by a trio of kobolds as vicious as-- well, as herself. Rabid Ratata may be aptly named and best avoided, but a compliment from a fighter so feral must be taken as high praise. Follow her back to Camp Overlook and see if Sergeant Swygrael has further use of your talents.
  • Sergeant Swygrael has her quota of lumber but not muscle. Her attempts to woo the strange Salthound have fallen as dead and flat as the young Lalafell's eyes. Speak with this killer born and bred, and see whether she can be coaxed to join the Red Swallows.
  • Ratata's tendency to bring up one's mortality is something of a conversation killer. Walk off the unfortunate pun by speaking to the one they call the Salthound stevedore, whose paternal concern for his captain belies his fearsome countenance.
  • The stevedore shares Swygrael's desire to see Ratata take her place among the Red Swallows and learn something of life beyond the next dying scream and the company of Salthounds. Surely, one so fearless as Ratata can be persuaded, if not goaded, to fly the nest.
  • If Ratata is indeed a mad dog, there is a method to her madness. She has reasons enough to refuse Swygrael's offer, this you cannot deny. The stevedore may grieve to hear that the wider world holds no interest for her, but the father's heart in him will rejoice to know the deadly apple of the Salthounds' eye will remain in Poor Maid's Mill.
  • After your conversation with the stevedore, he and Ratata begin the return journey to the Mill, both lighter of heart. As for you-- you, who know the enigmatic killer's secret-- sleep will not come easily tonight. Try to forget her obsidian stare, and tell Sergeant Swygrael that she will not have the miniature marauder under her command, not this day and not ever.
  • The Red Swallows may be poorer for Ratata's refusal, but Swygrael is a soldier enough to see the tactical advantages in the lethal Lalafell's presence in Poor Maid's Mill. Short-handed they may be, the Maelstrom can get on without her; unfortified as it is, the Mill cannot.