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Creates a row containing quest information. For use with {{quest list header}}. Format using {{quest list result format}}.

{{quest list row|<Quest>}}
{{quest list row|<Quest>}}


Unnamed parameter 1
Query term.


{{quest list header
| unlocks = y
| item-rewards = y
{{quest list row|Lonely Vigil}}
{{quest list row|Close to Home (Gridania)}}
{{quest list row|Eggs over Queasy}}
{{table footer}}
Quest Type Level Quest giver Unlocks Rewards
Lonely Vigil Sidequest 51 Spiteful Knight
Close to Home Main Scenario quest 1 Mother Miounne Return.png  Return
Eggs over Queasy Main Scenario quest 7 Galfrid 13 Wind shard icon1.png  Wind Shard
1 Hi-potion icon1.png  Hi-Potion