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I want to know the numbers on efficiency bonus for good and excellent, I think it's 20% and 75% bonus. But I can't find a spot that verifies this. I'd also like to know how often good and excellent appear. ~~Squand

Ishgardian Restoration vs. other ways

I don't get how "other collectables" could be easier?
With restoration and doing only one crafter, you are totally depending on multiple crafters if you go the "other collectables" way.
I don't see a single collectable which does not require at least one other crafter class, often it's two.

Ishgardian restoration, if you got the materials from your gatherer, you just sit at the Empyreum and craft merrily along.

Take Weaver:
Ishgardian Resto: lvl 20-39 item requires Straw (9 gil at the vendor), 40-59 requires 2 Fleece (easiest: Hunting log), 60-69 Straw again.
=> 20 - 70 without any other crafter, only both gatherers
Collectables: 50: Leather, Ingot (Leatherworker, Armorer), 52: Agate (Goldsmith), 54: Leather (Leatherworker), 56: Nugget/Gem (Goldsmith), etc.
=> at least one other crafter - or gil to spend

(Guild leves, I tried but once, and didn't find it enjoyable.)

P.S.: Besides, Ishgardian restoration starts at 20, 'regular' collectables at 50 (unless I'm missing something very basic).

-- Twilight (talk) 23:13, 5 February 2023 (UTC)

The Ishgardian Restoration requires MSQ progress to Patch 3.3, has RNG to the gathering in the Diadem, won't earn you any Scrips for gear, and will not level you past 80. It is useful, but we do not need to suggest it is the best or only way to level. Freedom4556 (talk) 17:37, 6 February 2023 (UTC)