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Take Me To Your Leader

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Take Me To Your Leader

To Steal a Steelhog.png
Quest giver
Ceetol Ja
The Lochs (X:9.0, Y:21.4)
Quest line
Dawntrail Role Quests
Required quest
Feature QuestBandits Abound
Physical Ranged DPS role.png Physical Ranged DPS
Experience 1,048,320
Gil 1,000
Previous quest
Feature QuestBandits Abound
Next quest
Feature QuestThe Milk of Mamool Ja Kindness

Ceetol Ja is patiently waiting for the Resistance to finish interrogating the captured highwaymen.

— In-game description


  • Speak with the Porta Praetoria commander.
  • Speak with Ceetol Ja outside Ala Ghiri.
  • Speak with Ceetol Ja again, and follow the skittish bandit.
  • Speak with the Resistance fighter.
  • Speak with Ceetol Ja.


  • Ceetol Ja is patiently waiting for the Resistance to finish interrogating the captured highwaymen.
  • Ceetol Ja is curious to know whether the Resistance troops have finished their questioning of their suspects in custody. With any luck, information regarding the whereabouts of Chalteaufite and the Steelhog Vessel will have been brought to light.
  • As suspected, the captured bandits are in league with Chalteaufite. The Resistance commander has decided to let one of the culprits go free, and tasks you with following him in the hope he will skulk back to the gang's den. Given the covert nature of the mission and the inherent danger posed by an unknown number of thieves, she judges you to be the ideal candidate for the mission. As one might expect, Ceetol Ja insists on joining you, and you set forth for Ala Ghiri, where the prisoner is due to be released.
  • You rendezvous with Ceetol Ja on the outskirts of Ala Ghiri, where she has already sighted the bandit you intend to follow. It appears that almost immediately after being escorted to the town, he slipped away to rejoin his comrades at their base of operations. If all goes according to plan, he should lead you straight there.
    • ※In the event of failure, return to Ceetol Ja to reattempt the objective.
  • You succeed in following the bandit back to a nearby den, where he is met by the merchants you had previously encountered at Porta Praetoria. Their leader is none other than Chalteaufite himself, and he rules this band of thieves with an iron fist. Your espionage is brought to an abrupt end when Kaqool Ja confronts you, and the mercenary keeps you occupied while Chalteaufite and the others escape. He warns you and Ceetol Ja against involving yourselves any further in their affairs before departing. With your quarry long gone, Ceetol Ja suggests returning to Ala Ghiri and apprising the Resistance there of what transpired.
  • You return to Ala Ghiri and make your report to one of the Resistance soldiers. While there are no further leads regarding the investigation, you will most likely need to continue working closely with the Resistance in order to close the net on Chalteaufite's gang.
  • Ceetol Ja takes great joy in sharing her personal philosophy, based on what she has learned over the course of her journey so far. Though idealistic almost to a fault, her unwavering optimism may prove to be a valuable asset in overcoming the struggles ahead, and she asks that you stand by while she attempts to think of a peaceful road through them.
    • ※The next role quest will be available from Ceetol Ja upon reaching level 96 in any physical ranged DPS class.