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Stranger from Paradise

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Stranger from Paradise

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Quest giver
Shallow Moor
Old Sharlayan (X:12.0, Y:13.3)
Quest line
Variant Dungeons Quests
Required quest
Main Scenario QuestA Satrap's Duty
Feature QuestAn Odd Job
Experience 0
Gil 5,055
Next quest
Side QuestA Fish a Day

Shallow Moor has a job for a certain adventurer.

— In-game description




  • Speak with Pasasun at the Great Work.
  • Speak with Pasasun at Yedlihmad.
  • Enter Aloalo Island.
  • Speak with Pasasun.
  • Speak with Shallow Moor at Old Sharlayan.


  • Shallow Moor has a job for a certain adventurer.
  • The gleaners have received an odd job with your name on it-literally. The alchemist Pasasun, writing on behalf of the fisherman Matsya, has asked for help in extricating his friend from a spot of unspecified trouble. Shallow Moor informs you that the alchemist can likely be found at the Great Work, if and when you decide to answer his call to action.
  • Pasasun wastes no time in bringing you to Matsya, upon whose head is perched a mysterious bird fluent in the common tongue. Kalika, as he names himself, hails from an isle to the south known as Aloalo, which has long been a verdant paradise home to many animals and men both. However, in the wake of the inhabitants' abrupt departure a century ago, the animals have been free to eat and breed unchecked, and now hordes of ravenous beasts threaten to destroy the balance of nature. Thus did Kalika brave the ocean waves to seek a hunter brave and true—hero he proclaims to be none other than Matsya. Matsya, unsurprisingly, begs to differ, and entreats you to accompany him on an expedition to Aloalo. You agree, and so Pasasun goes to charter a boat that will deliver you to the island, and bids you meet him in Yedlihmad once you are ready to depart.
  • Pasasun informs you that a trio of bandits stole a ship from the Yedlihmad docks shortly before your arrival. While it was not the vessel the alchemist commissioned-and thus its loss shall not hinder your plans-the timing of the theft is curious indeed. Regardless, you must turn your attention to Aloalo and the coming journey with your fisherman-turned-hero companion.
    • ※Aloalo Island can be accessed via the V&C Dungeon Finder.
    • ※To open the V&C Dungeon Finder, speak with the Yedlihmad skipper or select the option located under Duty in the main menu.
  • You brave the verdant wilds of Aloalo, illuminating its secrets and redressing the natural balance. Now that you have returned from your journey, you may seek out Pasasun in Yedlihmad to share with him your experiences on the south sea isle.
  • Pasasun is overjoyed to receive you and Matsya, and you regale him with the tale of your exciting expedition. Though the Arkasodara found the adventure rewarding in the end, he is nevertheless relieved to be home once more...until Kalika observes that a single hunt will not suffice to keep the beasts in check. The Speaker's servant implores you both to visit the isle many times more-and indeed, the unexplored remainder and resilient fauna ensure that Pasasun will be busy taking notes for many days to come. But before you embark upon your next expedition, it is only prudent that you report your success to Shallow Moor.
  • Shallow Moor listens to your story with rapt interest, unable to suppress a smile when you speak of Matsya's quest to find fish for Nidhana. She congratulates you on a job well done and encourages you to return to Aloalo Island, for the sake of both alchemical knowledge and unrequited love.