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Shrouded in Peril

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Shrouded in Peril

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Quest giver
Gridanian Delegate
Radz-at-Han (X:7.6, Y:9.7)
Quest line
Endwalker Role Quests
Required quest
Main Scenario QuestAt World's End
Tank role.png Tank
Experience 481,800
Gil 1,000
Previous quest
Main Scenario QuestAt World's End
Next quest
Feature QuestTo Give Voice

The Gridanian Delegate is in urgent need of a stout defender to help combat a new threat to his homeland.

— In-game description



  • The Gridanian delegate is in urgent need of a stout defender to help combat a new threat to his homeland.
  • A blasphemy has made the Twelveswood its lair, stalking its denizens and casting a dark pall over the entire region. It has proven difficult to track, and so the Adders' Nest has requested the help of a fearless defender to help protect their soldiers during the hunt. You are to report to the Adders' Nest at once.
  • The effort to find the blasphemy is being led by none other than the Elder Seedseer herself, Kan–E–Senna. She explains that their troubles began after an unidentified man transformed into a hideous beast which the people dubbed Gleipnir─so named for its similarity to a creature of legend which bears chain-like patterns on its hide. Its claws and horns appear to be coated with a potent poison that causes these selfsame patterns to manifest on an injured victim's skin. This mark is disturbingly similar to one caused by an infamous sickness known as the Creeping Death. Alas, unlike the sickness, those poisoned by Gleipnir cannot be cured by medicine or magick. This leaves you with few options to combat the beast, and as you contemplate this problem, Kan–E's attendant receives a chilling message via linkpearl: Gleipnir has struck again. Fortunately, the victim yet lives and is being conveyed to Fallgourd Float, and so the Elder Seedseer bids you accompany her to the settlement and speak with Aethelmaer, its overseer.
  • Aethelmaer informs you that the man is being treated by a Hearer outside of the Bobbing Cork. The healer is doing what he can, but the Elder Seedseer should surely be capable of doing more. Suspecting she may require a pair of helping hands, she asks you to follow her to the inn.
  • The Fallgourd Hearer is doing his utmost to keep the man alive, but the poison frustrates his efforts. No sooner does Kan–E–Senna approach to attend the man than you hear a shout from nearby─a man yelling about an approaching swarm of chigoes. The vilekin are known to carry the Creeping Death, and the Hearer fears that allowing them into Fallgourd Float would spark panic among its people. The Elder Seedseer bids you investigate and resolve the situation if you can.
  • The unharmed but distressed man warns of a mass of chigoes near Alder Springs. Fallgourd Float has few Wailers to spare, and so it falls upon you and the Keeper of the Entwined Serpents to combat this menace.
  • When the dust has settled, countless chigoes lie dead at your feet, and the forest is much quieter for your efforts. Cowering before you is a man who was but moments before smothered in a crush of wings, and still very much in need of assistance.
  • The flustered man is none the worse for wear, and he proceeds to tell you that he was accosted by the swarm while on his way to deliver medicine used to treat the Creeping Death to Fallgourd Float. While it is unclear whether the man was originally driven by opportunism or altruism, out of gratitude he offers you his wares free of charge. Gleipnir's poison still courses through the victim's veins, and so you must make haste to Fallgourd Float with the potential cure.
  • Although Kan–E–Senna administers the medicine to the sick man, he is soon overcome with convulsions before, with a final cry of pain, he at last dies. The distraught Elder Seedseer strives not to let her emotions cloud her judgment, and concludes that Gleipnir's poison must be far too powerful to be carried by chigoes or any other ordinary creature; the people need only ware the blasphemy. While this knowledge comes as a relief of sorts, you are no closer to stopping the blasphemy. The beast must first be found, and to that end the Elder Seedseer suggests returning to the Adders' Nest to scour recent reports for any new information.
  • Indeed, in your absence many sightings of Gleipnir have been reported all throughout the Twelveswood. However, when panic clouds judgment, a rabbit in the brush is often mistaken for something much more sinister. The Order of the Twin Adder must nevertheless carefully consider every report and determine which merit further investigation. And so, Kan–E's attendant asks that you stay safe in the meantime.
    • ※The next role quest will be available from the Keeper of the Entwined Serpents upon reaching level 86 in any tank class.


Gridanian Delegate: I have come on behalf of the Twin Adders to enlist the aid of accomplished fighters. The smallfolk cower in their homes for fear of an unprecedented threat to the Twelveswood: a blasphemy.

Gridanian Delegate: It strikes quickly and with deadly precision before returning to the shadows whence it came. Try as we might, we have yet to devise a means to track it, much less slay it.

Gridanian Delegate: Several brave souls search for it even now, but their chances would improve greatly if they had a stout protector by their side. Judging by your reputation, I daresay you're precisely the woman we seek.

Gridanian Delegate: What say you? Will you serve as the shield that stands between Gridania and certain doom?

Gridanian Delegate: I will take that as an enthusiastic yes! Make haste to the Adders' Nest and report to my superior. All Gridania shall pray for your success!

“Shrouded in Peril” accepted.

Speaking to the NPC immediately after:

Gridanian Delegate: I beg you seek out my superior at the Adders' Nest with all due haste, that peace might be restored to the Twelveswood.

Blasphemy Huntmaster: Our liaison at Radz-at-Han sent word of your arrival, but I can still scarcely believe our luck. Are you truly here to help us bring this wicked blasphemy to heel?

Blasphemy Huntmaster: Then there is hope for us yet! I shall fetch the Elder Seedseer at once─she is leading the hunt, and I'm certain she'll be most eager to see you.

Kan-E-Senna: Full glad am I to welcome you in good health and good spirits, [Forename]. On behalf of all Gridania, allow me to thank you for rising to our defense yet again.

Kan-E-Senna: You will forgive me for eschewing further formalities, as time is of the essence. I shall share with you what little we know of this elusive scourge.

Kan-E-Senna: Following the events in Thavnair, we received a report that an unidentified man had fallen into fits on the road before transforming into a beast most foul─a blasphemy, we soon determined.

Kan-E-Senna: Eyewitnesses to subsequent attacks spoke of patterns on its skin reminiscent of heavy chains, and thus we have named it Gleipnir, for the creature of legend.

Kan-E-Senna: It emerges from the brush without warning, bringing destruction and tragedy to those unfortunate enough to be near. Ere we can respond it retreats into hiding, leaving no trace for us to follow.

Kan-E-Senna: The elementals cry out for us to rid the forest of this wicked presence. Yet even if we tracked it to its lair, I fear besting the beast would be no simple matter.

Keeper of the Entwined Serpents: The wounds of Gleipnir's victims are tainted by corruption. We can but conclude that the fiend's fangs, claws, and horns are all imbued with a powerful poison.

Keeper of the Entwined Serpents: The smallest scratch sends the afflicted into fits, and death soon follows.

Kan-E-Senna: Mayhap you know of the Creeping Death? The effects of Gleipnir's vile poison bear more than a passing similarity to the symptoms of that deadly plague.

Kan-E-Senna: It swept through the Twelveswood many years ago. The sick found their skin covered in chain-like patterns, and spent their final moments in excruciating pain. Keeper of the Entwined Serpents: 'Twas long before I came to Gridania, but people still speak of it with dread.

Keeper of the Entwined Serpents: Is it true that the disease spared not a single Hyur?

Kan-E-Senna: Very nearly, yes. Before the remainder were taken we were able to devise a cure from the glimshroom. Slow though it was, the scars of this tragedy could then begin to heal.

Kan-E-Senna: Gleipnir threatens to reopen old wounds, I fear. Yet despite the similarities between the blasphemy's corruption and the Creeping Death's marks, it is unclear how these two phenomena are related, if at all.

Kan-E-Senna: Both conjury and white magic have failed to abate the poison's spread. To confront Gleipnir now would place our soldiers at risk of grievous injury.

Keeper of the Entwined Serpents: Forgive me, Elder Seedseer, but this appears to be urgent...

Keeper of the Entwined Serpents: What? Again!?

Keeper of the Entwined Serpents: Gleipnir has struck once more─in the North Shroud. The Wailers came too late to see the beast themselves, but the man it attacked yet lives. They are bringing him to Fallgourd Float as we speak.

Kan-E-Senna: Then we must meet them there. Will you accompany us, [Forename]? Aethelmaer should be able to apprise us of the details upon our arrival.

“Shrouded in Peril” objective fulfilled!

Kan-E-Senna: We cannot say for certain Gleipnir has quit this place. Stay on your guard.

Keeper of the Entwined Serpents: Word of the attack has yet to spread among the populace. They remain calm for now.

Aethelmaer: Elder Seedseer, you honor us with your presence! I cannot thank you enough for coming all this way.

Kan-E-Senna: Given the dire circumstances, I would not leave this to another. Where is the wounded man?

Aethelmaer: Outside of the Bobbing Cork, being attended to by one of our Hearers. He's a capable healer, but I worry this is beyond his abilities...

Kan-E-Senna: I shall do all in my power to aid him.

Kan-E-Senna: I in turn may have need of assistance as well. I ask that you stay close─both of you.

“Shrouded in Peril” objective fulfilled!

Speaking to the NPC immediately after:

Aethelmaer: You'll find the victim under the eaves of the Bobbing Cork. One of our Hearers is doing what he can, but will surely not begrudge any help you can offer.

Kan-E-Senna: He clings to life, albeit barely. We must try to ease his pain.

Keeper of the Entwined Serpents: That he survived his encounter with Gleipnir speaks to his fortitude. I know not if he can be saved, but if we can at least allay his suffering, we must.

Afflicted Man: Ungh... <groan>

Fallgourd Hearer: He's a hardy soul, but I'm utterly at a loss...

Fallgourd Hearer: While I managed to heal his wounds, the poison lingers. I fear the worst is yet to come.

Fallgourd Hearer: When I removed his clothes for treatment, I recognized the chains. If this is indeed the Creeping Death...

Kan-E-Senna: ...Do not lose heart.

Kan-E-Senna: I shall spare no effort. Rest for now─we may have need of your talents again ere long.

???: Chigoes, man, chigoes! A bloody swarm of them!

Keeper of the Entwined Serpents: That came from the east gate!

Fallgourd Hearer: Chigoes are known as carriers of the Creeping Death. The villagers are on edge─if they think the vilekin harbingers of another plague, they may panic.

Kan-E-Senna: Pray see to the chigoes. I shall remain here with the victim.

“Shrouded in Peril” objective fulfilled!

Speaking to the NPC(s) immediately after:

Kan-E-Senna: I shall do everything in my power to save this man. I entrust the matter of the chigoes to you.

Fallgourd Hearer: We cannot let the chigoes enter the village. Rumors of sickness have already begun to spread, and a swarm will surely sow terror and discord.

Afflicted Man: Ungh... <groan>

Borlent: Chigoes!? Where!? Keep them away from me!

Keeper of the Entwined Serpents: I think this wild-eyed fellow is the source of the earlier yelling. Do you see any chigoes nearby?

Panicky Man: They were near Alder Springs─a whole swarm of them, like an army gettin' ready for war!

Panicky Man: Bringin' the Creepin' Death, like as not! Folk've been droppin' dead with no rhyme or reason, and I'm not about to join 'em, no sir! Came runnin' back fast as my legs could carry me.

Borlent: Were you bitten? I will show you to a Hearer if so.

Panicky Man: Not a single hole that doesn't belong, you can be sure. You'd best do somethin' about that swarm though!

Borlent: Would that we could, but keeping the gate manned is our priority, and we have not the numbers to spare for a hunting party.

Keeper of the Entwined Serpents: By the time Wailer reinforcements arrive, it may be too late. We'll deal with the chigoes. The one who culls the greater number owes the other a flagon of ale, aye?

Borlent: I commend your bravery! Godsspeed, and don't get bitten!

“Shrouded in Peril” objective fulfilled!

Panicky Man: I've never seen so many of those filthy fiends!

Borlent: Alder Springs is to the east. Rid us of that swarm before it arrives at our gates.

“Shrouded in Peril” objective fulfilled!

Hyrstmill Merchant: Twelve be praised─and you! I've come bearing a cure for the Creeping Death, but it's of little use against actual death!

Hyrstmill Merchant: Aye, that's why I've come─I'd heard tell of a man suffering from uncommon pains at Fallgourd Float. Sensed an opportunity for philanthropy...and a touch of profit, I'll admit.

Hyrstmill Merchant: But if what you say is true, his condition demands a much swifter pair of feet than mine. Could you bring the medicine to him in my stead? No need for payment this time, of course.

Hyrstmill Merchant: You saved my life, and one good turn deserves another. I only hope the cure works as well as purported. As for me, I'll be on my way─and give any vilekin I spy a wide berth.

“Shrouded in Peril” objective fulfilled!

You have entered a sanctuary.

Keeper of the Entwined Serpents: To think that the mere mention of chigoes could spark such panic. The Creeping Death casts a long shadow over these lands...

Fallgourd Hearer: You've brought medicine? What luck! We must administer it straightaway.

Afflicted Man: Ungh... <groan>

Kan-E-Senna: Thank you for culling the chigoes. Alas, our patient's condition has yet to improve, and it is all we can do to keep him from succumbing to the poison...

Kan-E-Senna: I know this medicine─it was once used to treat the Creeping Death! Given his symptoms, it may well prove effective here as well...

Kan-E-Senna: It works upon the body quite quickly, as I recall...

Afflicted Man: <groan> I... I...

Kan-E-Senna: Hold on just a while longer, my friend! The medicine will soon relieve your pain!

Afflicted Man: I...I don't... It hurts... It hurts! Ahh!

Afflicted Man: Why! Why!?

The man's shrieks die in his throat as his body is wracked by violent convulsions. He then falls still and quiet, as if his breath was snatched from his chest.

Kan-E-Senna: Twelve have mercy. At the very least, his suffering is over.

Keeper of the Entwined Serpents: Had we been quicker to deliver the medicine, would he have lived?

Kan-E-Senna: Nay, I think not... He was doomed from the moment the poison entered his blood. As will be others if we do not soon gain an understanding of our foe.

Kan-E-Senna: Let this tragedy not be in vain, but serve as a lesson. Though the effects of Gleipnir's corruption resemble the Creeping Death, 'tis clear that the two share little else in common.

Kan-E-Senna: The poison burns through the body more quickly than any disease. Too deadly is it to be borne by creatures so fragile as chigoes, or any other besides.

Fallgourd Hearer: Then that is one less possibility the people need fear. 'Tis a shame a life was lost, but this knowledge may help us ensure that others are not.

Kan-E-Senna: Spread word, but do so with delicacy. In these troubled times, fear and despair can drive even the goodliest of souls to desperate ends.

Kan-E-Senna: Gleipnir is the only blasphemy known to us in Gridania─for now. We must do our utmost to stop him from sowing further discord.

Fallgourd Hearer: Understood, Elder Seedseer. I'll give this man a proper burial before sharing what we've discovered.

Kan-E-Senna: Ascertaining Gleipnir's whereabouts is still a primary concern. Let us return to the Adders' Nest, for information shall be our most reliable weapon in the days ahead, and there is no better place to acquire it.

“Shrouded in Peril” objective fulfilled!

Speaking to the NPC immediately after:

Fallgourd Hearer: I shall speak with the people after this man receives a proper burial. To honor his sacrifice, I must do what I can to buoy their hope.

Observation by the dialogue editor: The man's limbs have been arranged to look as if he were sleeping. A smile rests upon his face, as if his suffering plagues him no more. May his digital soul rest in peace. /respect

Keeper of the Entwined Serpents: Gleipnir has been sighted in various locales, and though we are reviewing every report, we suspect most are erroneous. Fear has a way of making one jump at shadows.

Keeper of the Entwined Serpents: It will take some time before we have determined which reports merit a more involved investigation. Until then, I ask that you stay vigilant and keep your eyes peeled for any sign of the blasphemy.

“Shrouded in Peril” complete!