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Sea of Sorrow

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Sea of Sorrow

Quest giver
The Watcher (NPC)
Mare Lamentorum (X:13.8, Y:32.4)
Quest line
Endwalker Main Scenario Quests
Experience 468,600
Gil 1,448
Previous quest
Main Scenario QuestA Trip to the Moon
Next quest
Main Scenario QuestThe Martyr

Main Scenario Progress: 739 / 853 (86.6%)


Endwalker Progress: 41 / 155 (26.5%)


The Watcher would have you deal with the specters haunting the moon.

— In-game description



  • The watcher would have you deal with the specters haunting the moon.


Faded Spirit: Where...when... How long...?
Dreaming Spirit: Was it truly...so long ago...?
Forlorn Spirit: We were happy... At peace with the star.
Forlorn Spirit: We nurtured it. Helped it grow. With our will, our creations...
Somber Spirit: We were the star's beating heart. Its life...
Somber Spirit: Every soul a drop of blood flowing through its veins...
Somber Spirit: To live. To learn, to create...to make better.
Somber Spirit: The star flourished...as did we.
Somber Spirit: Do you remember...?
Temperamental Spirit: We and the star were fulfilled...
Temperamental Spirit: Wanted for naught, mourned for naught...
Temperamental Spirit: So why... Why did it have to end!?
Temperamental Spirit: The Final Days taught us to fear a death forced upon us.
Temperamental Spirit: The injustice of duties and dreams left unfulfilled. The grief of unexpected partings...
Temperamental Spirit: Swift as darkness, cold as ash.
Temperamental Spirit: Such tragedy, yet no catharsis! Such truth, yet no consolation...
Anguished Spirit: Our perfection came crumbling down. Such overwhelming despair. In that moment, we knew. The end was nigh.
Anguished Spirit: The faintest glimmer of hope remained. We gave our lives that others may live. We gave ourselves...to Zodiark.
Entreating Spirit: Zodiark...our lord and savior.
Supplicating Spirit: To forge our world anew...
Lamenting Spirit: To live and love again...
Dutiful Spirit: Become one with the star...
Anguished Spirit: Fill earth and heaven with life. Birth paradise where fear is distant memory.
???: Pardon me, but would you be so kind as to step aside?
Familiar Spirit: Ah. That unmistakable color. The soul of Azem.
Familiar Spirit: But not the friend I knew, I think. Nevertheless, you are you.
Familiar Spirit: Hmm... So, Emet-Selch meant for you to have it.
Familiar Spirit: You seem surprised. Why might that be?
Hythlodaeus: Again? I do not believe I have yet had the pleasure.
Hythlodaeus: Emet-Selch created a shade in my likeness? And not only me, but all of Amaurot?
Hythlodaeus: Heh heh... How very like him... Heh heh heh...
Hythlodaeus: A slave to sentiment, even after an eternity.
Hythlodaeus: As you may have guessed, I am different from the shade you met before. No mere approximation, but the original.
Hythlodaeus: A soul sacrificed to Zodiark.
Hythlodaeus: We remember in vivid detail the events leading to our purgatory.
Hythlodaeus: The plans and plots for our resurrection. Hydaelyn's intervention, and Zodiark's─and the star's─final fate.
Hythlodaeus: And then we drifted in a waking dream, our minds steeped in fog...until you came.
Hythlodaeus: I know not what you and your friends intend for Zodiark or the future of the star. Nevertheless...
Hythlodaeus: In you I place my trust and faith. In you I choose to believe, as Emet-Selch did.
Hythlodaeus: Believe in yourself, and all will be well.
Hythlodaeus: Hmm, more new arrivals. Though... Ah. Fandaniel. That color I know.
Hythlodaeus: And another I do not. An unfamiliar but fearsome being...
Hythlodaeus: I have kept you from your duty. By way of apology, I will ensure that the shades hinder you no more.
Hythlodaeus: Protect the final brand.
Hythlodaeus: Fare you well, my new old friend.