Platinum Triad Card

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Platinum Triad Card


One of twelve unbelievably high rarity Triple Triad cards.

— In-game description

Platinum Triad Card is a Miscellany item. It randomly awards the player with 1 of 12 extremely high rarity Triple Triad Cards.


Award From

Awarded for reaching Tournament Points in Triple Triad Tournaments (used to be placing 4 - 10 place).

New system rewards are as follows:

  • 1,100 points awards 2x Platinum Triad Card
  • 1,600 points awards 3x Platinum Triad Card
  • 1,800 points awards 4x Platinum Triad Card

Cards Obtainable

These cards are only available from this pack.
The Triple Triad Card r4.png  Lahabrea Card can only be obtained from this pack or the Silver triad card icon1.png  Silver Triad Card pack.