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Flowerpot is a Housing Item that can be placed within free company estates, private estates, and even private chambers. This furnishing allows players to grow the exact same plants and crops as those in garden plots indoors. In addition to this, there are certain seeds which can only be cultivated in flowerpots. These plants will yield materials to craft gear.

Obtaining Flowerpots

Players can now purchase flowerpots from the following NPCs:

The number of flowerpots that may be placed in private estates and chambers is as follows:

Chamber Size Number of Flowerpots
Private Chambers 2
Small 2
Medium 3
Large 4


Players will be able to obtain a variety of seeds with which they can begin cultivating their crops. Different types of seeds will yield different types of crops. Seeds will occasionally appear at certain locations where their plants yield crops.

Example: La Noscean orange seeds can be obtained from the same trees as La Noscean oranges.

  • Certain seeds may prove difficult to obtain.

In Shadowbringers (5.0), players can purchase Hydrangea seeds from the following NPCs:


Players will also need to prepare soil for their flowerpots. Soil type and grade will affect yield quality and quantity.

Cultivation Process

Planting Seeds

With the flowerpot selected, choose a bag of seeds and your desired soil to begin planting.

Raising Crops

Plant growth can be promoted through constant tending and the use of fertilizer. The rate of growth, amount of produce yielded, and harvest periods will vary between plants.

Fertilize Crop

Enrich soil and accelerate growth.

  • Can only be applied to a plant once per hour (Earth time).

Tending Crops

Tend and water plants. Neglected plants will eventually wither.

Remove Crop

A plant can be removed from its bed before it yields crops. Doing so will result in the loss of any crops currently being grown.

  • Seeds and the soil grade selected by players will remain unaffected.

Harvest Crop

When plants have fully grown, players can harvest their crops to obtain produce. Plants may yield high quality produce depending on how they were cultivated. Players can cultivate one crop per flowerpot.

Flowerpot Plants

Players can use their flowerpot to cultivate seeds, which will yield materials for gear as well as flowers for their estate flower vases. Oldrose seeds, which can only be cultivated in flowerpots, are available in eight color variations, and players will be able to influence the ratio of these colors and the total crop yield by using the following fertilizers:

  • Red Pomace: increases the frequency of red
  • Blue Pomace: increases the frequency of blue
  • Mountain Pomace: increases the frequency of yellow

Fertilizers other than those listed above may be used on flowerpot plants, but will not influence color.

Oldrose seeds, red pomace, blue pomace, and mountain pomace can be purchased from the following NPCs:

Flower Vases

Obtaining Flower Vases

Flower vases can be purchased from the following NPCs:

Placement and Functions

Flower vases can be placed in free company and private estates, as well as private chambers. By selecting the vase, players can place flowers cultivated in flowerpots in them.

Players can remove the flowers placed in their flower vases by targeting the vase and selecting Remove Flowers.

  • Removed flowers will be permanently lost.

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