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The Dragonstar was the original homeworld of the Dragon race. Long ago, life upon this star was completely wiped out when the planet was invaded by the Omicrons and Omega. Before it met its end, Midgardsormr escaped, carrying a clutch of eggs with him, and made for Hydaelyn.

The Dragonstar is important to Astrologians as well, as it acts as the star used to track the heaven's movements. A glimpse of what the Dragonstar may have looked like can be seen within the Alphascape, specifically Raid Alphascape V2.0, and Elysion upon sufficient progression of the Omicron Daily Quests. The final section of Dungeon The Stigma Dreamscape contains a recollection of the Omicron invasion of the planet. A ruined recreation of a small portion of the Dragonstar is in Ultima Thule.

The surface of the planet is rugged and mountainous and is covered with a green gaseous atmosphere. Geysers of the green gas are also prominent.

The Dragonstar aux marrons icon1.png  Dragonstar aux Marrons is a dessert whose design is inspired by the landscape of the Dragonstar.