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Dance Like Mowen Is Watching

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Dance Like Mowen Is Watching

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Quest giver
The Crystarium (X:10.5, Y:7.7)
Quest line
Splendorous Tools Quests
Experience 0
Gil 872
Previous quest
Feature QuestLa Vie Mowen
Next quest
Repeatable Feature QuestA Tool for the Ages

— In-game description



  • With yet another accomplishment under their belts, Chora-Zoi and Grenoldt are keen to begin their final rounds of improvements to the splendorous tools. Grenoldt, however, admits that he has more than the forge on his mind--his enduring love for Mowen can be contained no longer, and he wishes to propose to her upon their next meeting. With assistance from Quinnana, you and Chora-Zoi conceive of a strategy to aid Grenoldt in his marital quest, and make for the Exedra to set the plan in motion.
  • Upon Mowen's arrival to the Exedra, Grenoldt elects to greet the object of his affections with a merry jig. To his surprise, Mowen answers his unexplained steps with a few of her own, and the two lose themselves in a moment of blissful dance. With his fond memories of the past rekindled, Grenoldt musters up the courage to ask for Mowen's hand in marriage--an offer she will happily accept once Grenoldt's travails with the splendorous tools have concluded. Grenoldt returns to the Crystalline Mean with new found determination while Chora-Zoi suggests you follow suit.
  • Overflowing with renewed vigor, Grenoldt resolves to bring his all to bear in hopes of producing a tool worthy of Mowen and the Boutique’s increasingly lofty expectations. Together with Chora-Zoi, you pledge to aid him in these final endeavors, your sights set higher than the very stars you once returned to Norvrandt.