Ceiling Light

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Ceiling Light Icon Acquired by
Alpine Chandelier Alpine chandelier icon1.png Level 57 Blacksmith
Amaurotine Spire Chandelier Amaurotine spire chandelier icon1.png Level 90 Blacksmith
Bombard Lamp Bombard lamp icon1.png Moonfire Faire (2015)
Carbuncle Chandelier Carbuncle chandelier icon1.png Level 70★★ Goldsmith
Classic Chandelier Classic chandelier icon1.png Level 70★★ Goldsmith
Cloud Acorn Chandelier Cloud acorn chandelier icon1.png Level 80 Alchemist
Crystal Chandelier Crystal chandelier icon1.png Level 60★★★ Goldsmith
Crystarium Chandelier Crystarium chandelier icon1.png Level 76 Goldsmith
Deep Hive Ceiling Fan Deep hive ceiling fan icon1.png Level 60★ Carpenter
Deluxe Bombard Lamp Deluxe bombard lamp icon1.png Mogstation ($5)
Deluxe Glade Pendant Lamp Deluxe glade pendant lamp icon1.png Level 32 Carpenter
Deluxe Highland Pendant Lamp Deluxe highland pendant lamp icon1.png Level 60 Blacksmith
Deluxe Oasis Pendant Lamp Deluxe oasis pendant lamp icon1.png Level 27 Armorer
Deluxe Riviera Pendant Lamp Deluxe riviera pendant lamp icon1.png Level 29 Blacksmith
Diamond Chandelier Diamond chandelier icon1.png Level 50 Goldsmith
Divine Chandelier Divine chandelier icon1.png Treasure Hunt - The Lost Canals of Uznair
Eulmoran Chandelier Eulmoran chandelier icon1.png Level 78 Goldsmith
Factory Chandelier Factory chandelier icon1.png Level 80 Blacksmith
Faerie Chandelier Faerie chandelier icon1.png Level 60★★ Goldsmith
Flame Ceiling Fan & Lamp Flame ceiling fan & lamp icon1.png Flame Quartermaster
Glade Chandelier Glade chandelier icon1.png Level 47 Carpenter
Glade Pendant Lamp Glade pendant lamp icon1.png Level 19 Carpenter
Gold Saucer Chandelier Gold saucer chandelier icon1.png Gold Saucer Attendant
Highland Chandelier Highland chandelier icon1.png Level 60 Blacksmith
Highland Pendant Lamp Highland pendant lamp icon1.png Level 60 Blacksmith
Hingan Hanging Andon Lamp Hingan hanging andon lamp icon1.png Level 63 Carpenter
Hingan Hanging Bonbori Lamp Hingan hanging bonbori lamp icon1.png Level 61 Goldsmith
Hingan Hanging Toro Lamp Hingan hanging toro lamp icon1.png Level 68 Carpenter
Hive Ceiling Fan Hive ceiling fan icon1.png Level 60 Carpenter
House Fortemps Chandelier House fortemps chandelier icon1.png Level 60★★ Goldsmith
Ice Chandelier Ice chandelier icon1.png Level 50★★★ Goldsmith
Illumination Module Illumination module icon1.png Level 50★★ Goldsmith
Leafy Ceiling Lamp Leafy ceiling lamp icon1.png Level 86 Alchemist
Magnificent Mogdelier Magnificent mogdelier icon1.png Level 60★ Carpenter
Morbol Chandelier Morbol chandelier icon1.png Level 50 Leatherworker
Oasis Chandelier Oasis chandelier icon1.png Level 49 Armorer
Oasis Pendant Lamp Oasis pendant lamp icon1.png Level 22 Armorer
Odder Otter Hanging Andon Lamp Odder otter hanging andon lamp icon1.png Level 70★★ Goldsmith
Pendant Lamp Planter Pendant lamp planter icon1.png Level 50★★ Goldsmith
Riviera Chandelier Riviera chandelier icon1.png Level 48 Blacksmith
Riviera Pendant Lamp Riviera pendant lamp icon1.png Level 21 Blacksmith
Serpent Ceiling Fan & Lamp Serpent ceiling fan & lamp icon1.png Serpent Quartermaster
Skylight Chandelier Skylight chandelier icon1.png Level 80 Blacksmith
Star Chandelier Star chandelier icon1.png Level 50★ Goldsmith
Storm Ceiling Fan & Lamp Storm ceiling fan & lamp icon1.png Storm Quartermaster
Tonberry Chandelier Tonberry chandelier icon1.png Level 50★ Blacksmith
Wooden Chandelier Wooden chandelier icon1.png Level 80 Carpenter