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Blue Starlight

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Blue Starlight

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Quest giver
Bearded Lady
New Gridania (X:10.2, Y:9.5)
Quest line
Starlight Celebration (2023)
Next quest
Side QuestTogether at a Distance

This Starlight Celebration volunteer is beaming at you. At least, you think so─their face is difficult to discern through such mighty facial hair.
※This quest is available for a limited time only.

— In-game description





  1. Gather information near the Whistling Miller. 0/3
  2. Speak with Saulinne.
  3. Speak with Tenny.
  4. Speak with Amh Garanjy.



Accepting the quest - cutscene

Bearded Lady: Pardon me, are you an adventurer? Allow me to introduce myself, I am...er...
Bearded Lady: ...Perhaps I should remove my beard.
Amh Garanjy: Much better! Starlight celebrant Amh Garanjy, at your service. I am ever so pleased to meet you during this most sacrosanct of seasons.
Amh Garanjy: In commemoration of the Ishgardian knights who once sheltered needy orphans from the cold, we strive to deliver joy and comfort to all younglings each Starlight Celebration.
Amh Garanjy: This year, we pay particular tribute to the figure at the heart of Starlight legend——the snowy-bearded captain dubbed the Saint of Nymeia. As you can see, we have commissioned replicas of his red coat and fluffy white beard.
Amh Garanjy: How better to delight the children than by distributing presents as the saint himself, after all!
Amh Garanjy: So far, we have been successful in spreading Starlight cheer. However...
Amh Garanjy: It seems there is a particular youngling who finds our felicitous festivities distressing.
Amh Garanjy: Were I free to wander, I would reach out to them myself and provide what aid I could. Alas, my duties as celebrant require my attendance here.
Amh Garanjy: Might you assist this child in my stead? I am sure they would welcome the insights of an adventurer such as yourself.
Amh Garanjy: I am most grateful. Let me summon the young lady who first brought this matter to my attention.
Saulinne: Hello! My name is Saulinne. It's nice to meet you, mister/[?].
Saulinne: As I told Miss Garanjy, I've seen a boy around here who...
Saulinne: ...Oh! Look, there he is! Over there!
Saulinne: ...I guess he didn't come to play this time either.
Saulinne: That boy's been watching the stage from a distance ever since preparations began.
Saulinne: At first, I thought he must be excited about the Starlight Celebration, but he always looks so sad! That's why I thought I'd try inviting him to play...
Saulinne: But when I called out to him, he just ran away.
Amh Garanjy: Comforting others when they are troubled is a very kind thing to do. You did well to try, Saulinne.
Saulinne: I just think nobody should be alone during the Starlight Celebration!
Saulinne: He keeps coming back, so I'm sure there's something he's worried about. Maybe he's too shy to ask for a present...?
Saulinne: Either way, I'm worried about him. Would you help me make sure he's okay, mister/[?]?
Amh Garanjy: Then I'll leave this matter in your capable hands. I believe the boy ran off towards the Whistling Miller. Perhaps someone there knows more about him.
Saulinne: Let's ask around! Please tell me if you learn anything, and I'll be sure to do the same.

Gathering information

Speaking to the Cheerful Cherub

Cheerful Cherub: That boy who always comes to stare at the decorations? I know him! Er, I mean, I've seen him around before. I don't know his name. And I don't think I've ever seen him smile...

Speaking to the Playful Poppet

Playful Poppet: Oh, you must mean Tenny. I heard he moved here from Ul'dah recently.
Playful Poppet: Can't tell you much more than that. He makes a point of keeping to himself.

Speaking to the Watchful Wailer

Watchful Wailer: A boy? Yes, ran straight past me towards the Greatloam Growery.

Reporting back to Saulinne

Saulinne: Did you learn anything?
Saulinne: So his name is Tenny...
Saulinne: Well, what are we waiting for? Let's go to the Greatloam Growery!

Speaking to Tenny - cutscene

Tenny: Wh-Who are you? Some kind of adventurer?
Saulinne: He/She is! And my name is Saulinne. You were at Mih Khetto's Amphitheatre earlier, weren't you?
Saulinne: Would you like to go and join the Starlight Celebration with me? My friends will be there too, so we can all play together!
Tenny: Your friends...
Saulinne: They're really nice! ...Do you not want to?
Tenny: It's not that. It's...it's a long story.
Saulinne: I have time!
Tenny: ...We just moved here for my father's job. And I know there's no point in moping about it, but I really, really miss my three friends back in Ul'dah.
Tenny: During Starlight, we'd show each other what toys we got and eat too many sweets and find all the best decorations in the city.
Tenny: We'd have so much fun! And each time we'd promise to play together the next year. But now...
Saulinne: ...You're all the way in Gridania.
Tenny: I used to love the Starlight Celebration, but now all I can think about is leaving my friends behind and betraying our promise.
Saulinne: I'm sorry. I hope I didn't hurt your feelings by asking you to play...
Tenny: It's all right. You didn't know.
Saulinne: But Tenny, doesn't this mean you'll never be able to enjoy the Starlight Celebration without feeling guilty? There must be something we can do...
Saulinne: Mister/[?]! You're a grown-up——what do you think?

What will you suggest?

  • Sounds like something that three tickets to Gridania could fix.
Tenny: I guess. But Ul'dah is so far away. That sort of journey is a lot to ask...
  • Pack your bags, kid——I'm smuggling you back to Ul'dah.
Tenny: Wh-What!? There's no way my father would allow——wait, did you say smuggle? ...Thanks for the offer, mister/[?], but I'll pass.
  • Nothing screams "Friendship, kupo!" like moogle mail.
Tenny: Mail...
Tenny: That's it! I could send them presents!
Saulinne: That's a lovely idea! Everyone loves getting packages. And that way you'll be celebrating together——at a distance!
Tenny: What should I give them? Something you can only get in Gridania...?
???: Ho ho ho! The answer to that is simple.
Tenny: That snowy white beard——th-that's the real thing! You're the Saint of Nymeia, aren't you!?
Saint of Nymeia: Quite! Young Tenny, you need look no further than your own two hands——for presents crafted from the heart are presents full of heart. I shall rigorously assist you in every step of their creation as both an artisanal saint and saintly artisan!
Tenny: ...I don't really understand, but thank you?
Saulinne: I'll help too! That way your presents will be crafted in half the time.
Tenny: Really? A-All right, then. Thanks.
Saint of Nymeia: Master Adventurer! Might we rely upon you to deliver Tenny's gifts once they are prepared?
Saint of Nymeia: Though we could post them by more conventional moogles, a child's hard work and dedication ought to be hand-delivered by only the most trusted individual.
Saint of Nymeia: And as you are both emotionally invested in Tenny's happiness and currently standing before me, I bequeath the task to you. You will do it, yes?
Saint of Nymeia: Excellent. Then we shall realize these creations ere the Spinner sloshes Her nog. In the meantime, I would have you apprise Amh Garanjy of our efforts.
Saint of Nymeia: Once you have relayed your report, return here for the requisite packages. Chop-chop!

Reporting back to Amh Garanjy

Amh Garanjy: Welcome back! Were you able to speak with the boy?
Amh Garanjy: I see. To be separated from one's friends is heartbreaking indeed. I only wish I too could help in some way...
Amh Garanjy: ...Oh! I know just the thing——I shall transform you into a saint!
Amh Garanjy: I have a Saint of Nymeia costume that I would be most happy to gift you. Tenny's friends will be delighted for a visit from the Spinner's anointed herald!
Amh Garanjy: Accept this with my warmest wishes, dear adventurer——I know you won't let us down!