Astral Fire

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Astral Fire is a buff that increases the damage and MP cost of Fire spells, while lowering the damage and MP cost of Ice spells. At 3 stacks, the cast time of Ice spells is also halved. Astral Fire is mutually exclusive with Umbral Ice.

Natural MP regeneration is halted during Astral Fire.

Astral Fire Effects
Fire Spells Ice Spells Unlocked by
MP cost Damage MP cost Damage Cast time
1 Stack 2x 1.4x 0x 0.9x 1x Lv. 1 (Aspect Mastery.png  Aspect Mastery)
2 Stacks 2x 1.6x 0x 0.8x 1x Lv. 20 (Aspect Mastery II.png  Aspect Mastery II)
3 Stacks 2x 1.8x 0x 0.7x 0.5x Lv. 35 (Aspect Mastery III.png  Aspect Mastery III)
  • At Lv. 1, the MP cost of Ice Spells is reduced to 0 at 3 stacks.