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A Fortune in Salt

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A Fortune in Salt

Quest giver
Perky Peddler
Rhalgr's Reach (X:12.7, Y:12.5)
Quest line

Experience 0
Gil 1,038
Previous quest
The Primary Agreement

The perky peddler is expounding on the sublime qualities of Saltery salt.

— In-game description


Optional rewards



  • The perky peddler is expounding on the sublime qualities of Saltery salt.
  • A peddler you encounter in Rhalgr's Reach recognizes you as the hero of the Ala Mhigan revolution. After thanking you profusely for your role in improving his life, he passes on a request from Wiscar, asking that you visit the Lochs─and the Saltery─at your earliest convenience.
  • You arrive in the Lochs to find Wiscar eager to show you the sights of the restored Saltery. The air buzzes with activity, and you hear the enthusiastic cries of merchants as they seek to secure a favorable price...
  • With wonder bordering on disbelief, Wiscar points out the bustle of commerce which now fills the previously desolate village. Next on the tour: a look at the heart of the Saltery's operations.
  • Now that you've witnessed the revival you helped begin, Wiscar urges you to have a word with his grandfather. Watt awaits you near the center of the village.
  • Even as Watt welcomes your visit to the Saltery, your reunion is interrupted by the arrival of “Lady Lilira” and a familiar manservant. Judging by her exchange with the village elder, it seems the disguised sultana has come to ensure all is well following the deal brokered with Lolorito and his East Aldenard Trading Company. Nanamo leaves satisfied, and the workers of the Saltery gather to express to you their gratitude. Though the salt is once more flowing, the assembled Ala Mhigans are dedicated to completing the village's restoration, and sharing their prosperity across the region.



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