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Dzemael Darkhold Guide
Seeking to utilize an existing labyrinth of natural caves, the Ishgardian house of Dzemael began construction of their eponymous Darkhold near the end of the Sixth Astral Era, intending it to serve as a refuge for those fleeing the flames of the Dravanian Horde. When the house's digging uncovered an entrance to the void, allowing an army of voidsent into this realm, however, they immediately abandoned their plans and withdrew from the subterrane, sealing it off so that they might contain the otherworldly invaders within. Despite all this, the house is unwilling to relinquish its claim to the caves, and believes that if they can be cleared of voidsent, they might still be able to see their original plan brought to fruition.
—Game Description

Dzemael Darkhold is a level 44 - 46 dungeon located in Coerthas Central Highlands (x20,y28).

  • Players need to talk to Carrilaut in Coerthas Central Highlands (x24,y28) to start the quest, Fort of Fear to unlock.
  • Players must have completed the quest Fort of Fear or be at rank up Sergeant First Class in your Grand Company, then speak to the commander of your Grand Company.
  • Players who are level 47+ will be level sync'd down to level 46 upon entrance.
  • Light Party (4 Players) (1 Tank, 1 Healer, and 2 DPS).
  • Time Restriction: 90 minutes
  • Rewards: Allagan Tomestone of Mythology x??


  1. Open the Grand Hall gate
  2. Clear the Feasting Hall
  3. Deactivate the level IV magitek field
  4. Defeat Batraal


Name Drops
All-Seeing Eye Allagan Tomestone of Mythology x??
Alpgrot Orobon Orobon Liver
Batraal Allagan Tomestone of Mythology x??
Betrayed Soul
Bone Nix Gigantoad Skin
Corrupted Crystal
Name Drops
Deepvoid Slave
Forsaken Soul
Hellsbound Warrior Bone Chip
Lava Drake
Mouch Volante
Recluse Hippogryph Hippogryph Sinew
Taulud Allagan Tomestone of Mythology x??


All-seeing Eye

All-seeing Eye is the first boss of Dzemael Darkhold. This Ahriman Boss has an ability called Eyes on Me. The ability does heavy damage to all players near it. Players with the buff Crystal Veil are immune to this damage. Players receive this buff when they are near the glowing crystals. The effect of the crystals fade over time. Players need to move to a new cluster of crystals.

Throughout the fight, All-seeing Eye will spawn adds. Avoid Adds AoE attacks and kill them asap.

  • Fight the All-seeing Eye near the crystal clusters to gain the Crystal Veil buff. When "The power of the crystal begins to dim" appears on screen, move to a new crystal cluster immediately.


Dread Gaze is a frontal cone AoE attack that inflicts the debuff Paralysis to all targets hit.
Cursed Gaze is a frontal cone AoE attack that inflicts the debuff Amnesia to all targets hit.
Eyes on Me is an ability that deals heavy damage all players near the All-seeing Eye. Players under the effect of Crystal Veil are immune to this damage.


Taulurd is the 2nd boss of Dzemael Darkhold. He has some powerful AoE cone attacks that should be avoided by all players.

Throughout the fight he will summon adds named Deepvoid Slaves. These monsters are on top of an elevated platform. They will perform ranged attacks at the players. Be sure to spread out and avoid their Firewater attacks.


Deepvoid Slave has two types of attacks, Firewater and Boulderdash. Firewater is a circular AoE attack that targets one random player. Firewater can be avoided by moving out of the red circular ground indicator.


Straight Punch is an instant melee attack that deals a small amount of damage.
Double Smash is a frontal AoE cone attack that deals a large amount of damage to targets hit.
Elbow Drop is a frontal AoE cone attack that deals more damage than Double Smash. Taulurd starts to use this when it is under half HP.


Batraal is the final boss of Dzemael Darkhold. This demon has an instant frontal AoE cone attack that deals heavy damage to all targets hit. Be sure to have only the tank face the boss. He has has a long ranged AoE column attack named Desolation. It instantly kills any targets hit.

Throughout the fight, a purple beam will appear between Batraal and a crystal. Batraal will mark a player with a crosshair and fires Desolation at the target. While Batraal is connected to the crystal, he is invulnerable. Be sure to kill the crystal as soon as possible while dodging Desolations.

At around 30% HP and after the 3rd crystal is destroyed, Batraal will use Hellssend and become enraged. He will start using Desolation at will. Batraal will also spawn black pools under 3 players. Players within the pool will take damage over time. Move out of them immediately.

  • Dodge Desolation, the column AoE attack that instantly kills any players hit.
  • Kill crystals when they appear.


Grim Fate is an instant frontal attack that deals heavy damage to a single player.
Grim Cleaver is an instant ranged attack that deals moderate amount of damage to a random player.
Grim Halo is an instant attack that deals moderate amount of damage to all players around him.
Desolation is an frontal AoE column that deals very heavy damage to all players caught within.


None currently recorded


Dzemael darkhold boss1.jpg

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