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Pharos Sirius Guide
The once-proud Pharos Sirius is twice dishonored--once by the Calamity, and now by the deadly siren of Umbra, who plots to hold the lighthouse as a personal stronghold with the aid of her minions. Silence her lunatic song, dispatch the usual suspects--ashkin and winged monstrosities--and reclaim the light of the civilized world.
—Game Description

Pharos Sirius is a level 50 dungeon released in patch 2.1. It is located in Isles of Umbra, Western La Noscea (x16,y30).

  • Players need to talk to Diamanda in Aleport, Western La Noscea (x26,y26) to start the quest, Sirius Business to unlock.
  • Players must have completed the main storyline and the quest Sirius Business.
  • Light Party (4 Players) (1 Tank, 1 Healer, 2 DPS).
  • Time Restriction: 90 minutes
  • Average Ilvl 48+
  • Rewards: Allagan Tomestone of Mythology x50 (Updated in Patch 2.2)
  • Rewards: Allagan Tomestone of Soldiery x20 (Added in Patch 2.2)


  1. Clear the Aether Pump 0/1
  2. Clear the Second Spire 0/1
  3. Clear the Fuel Chamber 0/1
  4. Clear the Aether Compressor 0/1
  5. Defeat the Siren 0/1


Name Drops
Symond the Unsinkable
Name Drops


Symond the Unsinkable

  • He has a straight line AoE that does moderate damage and puts a crystal debuff on the target. Its not able to be silenced but its fairly easy to dodge.
  • He summons adds that also do a circular AoE that does low damage but also gives a stack of the crystal debuff. The attack is instant and I couldn't find a way to stop it except maybe stun locking. Best to stay spread out when fighting them so only one person is getting the debuff.
  • He puts two large circles on the ground that do persistent damage that grow eventually dividing the room in half. Its easy for the party to get separated so the healer and tank especially want to make sure to be on the same half of the room before the circles grow.
  • Crystal debuff explodes when you get three stacks of it. Deals Severe damage and puts a Vulnerability debuff on targets.
  • Strategy we used was to avoid AoE as much as possible, burn down adds before anyone could get more then a stack and to not get separated by the room divide. Try to divide the adds or take shifts so that no one person is getting three stacks. Not much more to it I think.


  • The battle starts with a ring of Eggs spawning on the outer border of the room. Boss does little damage at this point. Killing Eggs gives Zu several stack of enrage, so it is not advised to start the fight killing eggs. Once enraged Zu will deal more damage but also take more damage. If, however, Zu gets too many enrage stacks (not certain how many but usually 15+) She does a cone AoE that does severe damage and stuns all targets hit for several seconds. It is devastating and resulted in many wipes.
  • Zu casts a room wide AoE that does moderate damage but increases with enrage stacks.
  • A few seconds into the fight and two eggs will light up and begin casting "Hatch" which will spawn one of two adds. One will move around attacking a target while occasionally casting an AoE that does low to moderate damage. The other will stand in place and choose a single target, marked by a blue beam, and barrage them repeatedly with a moderate damage nuke.
  • By themselves the adds are pretty easy to handle but they can add up quickly. Later on in the fight three eggs start to light up at once and they start spawning faster than we could take them out.
  • At some point about halfway Zu will fly up into the Air becoming untargetable and start throwing down circle AoEs. This phase wasn't hard and actually was kind of a break for us to mop up some of the baby birds.
  • Strategy we used to eventually beat Zu was to kill one egg and let one chick spawn. Killing one egg didn't seem to give enough stacks for Zu to cast her crazy ground stomp stun, it kept one add out of the fight and also increased the damage she took from enrage. Things started to get hectic around the three egg spawns but we managed to burn her down with a LB before things got messy.


  • He had low HP and died nearly as fast as a trash pull. The only mechanic I saw was he summoned a few zombie adds. Sorry I don't know anymore than that.


  • This fight is healer intensive. The primary mechanic that seems to give the most trouble is "Siren's Song". Two of Siren's moves put a debuff on a target for 12 seconds requiring them to be healed to full health or the they become mind controlled for several seconds. Mind controlled targets only seem to do basic attacks so they're not devastating, but it knocks a person out of the fight and makes subsequent party members harder to top off with an extra source of damage.
  • Siren targets one party member besides the tank and puts Siren's Song on them.
  • Siren puts a persistent bleed on the Tank. I don't think it was bad but it was on the tank the most of the fight.
  • Siren summon groups of two types of adds. Zombie Pirates and Zombie Sergeants I believe. The Pirates are just normal auto attacking mobs, they make things harder for the healer. The Sergeants on the other hand crawl slowly along the ground toward a target, they cannot be bound or slowed, and when they reach the target they grab them and hold them in place. I think they also pacify you making you unable to take actions. I was only targeted during wipes, they seem to go after the healer and the tank every time. They don't have a lot of HP and we made them kill priority because they just made things difficult. Especially if I'm right about the pacification.
  • Periodically during the fight Siren will disappear and do one of two attacks. The first is a straight line nuke similar to Ifrit's charge. It does Severe damage and you don't have a lot time to get out of the way. The second is an AoE that puts the Siren's Song debuff on all party members. You need to group up and get some major AoE healing going so no one gets MCed. Its easy to tell which of the two moves she's casting based on where she appears. She comes from the border of the room when she does the charge and she appears in the center of the room if she is doing the AoE debuff.
  • When she appears in the center to cast the AoE charm, you can avoid it by stacking on Siren. Think of it as Hydra's Fear Itself.
  • About halfway through the fight she will start doing an AoE heal debuff called Lunatic Voice. This makes it even harder for healers to keep people out of mind control. It can be dispelled but our healer seemed to have a lot of trouble keeping people topped off and getting the debuffs off.
  • Lunatic Voice and should be stunned by the tank.



Item Icon Item Level Requirement Slot Defence Magic Defence Stats and Attributes
Demagogue Ring Demagogue ring icon1.png 60 Level 50 Ring 1 1 Intelligence +8, Accuracy +11, Determination +5
Peltast Earrings Peltast earrings icon1.png 60 Disciples of War
Level 50
Earrings 1 1 Strength +8, Skill Speed +11, Determination +5
Strategos Earrings Strategos earrings icon1.png 60 Level 50 Earrings 1 1 Mind +8, Piety +5, Spell Speed +11
Toxotes Wristlets Toxotes wristlets icon1.png 60 Level 50 Wrists 1 1 Dexterity +8, Skill Speed +8, Determination +8,


Item Icon Item Level Requirement Slot Defence Magic Defence Stats and Attributes
Blessed Gown Blessed gown icon1.png 60 CNJ WHM SCH
Level 50
Body 53 100 Vitality +16, Mind +16, Piety +10, Critical Hit Rate +24
Hoplite Sabatons Hoplite sabatons icon1.png 60 GLD MRD PLD WAR
Level 50
Feet 106 106 Strength +10, Vitality +11, Accuracy +11, Determination +10
Lord's Cuirass Lords cuirass icon1.png 60 GLD MRD PLD WAR
Level 50
Body 148 148 Strength +16, Vitality +18, Parry +17, Determination +17
Lord's Gauntlets Lords gauntlets icon1.png 60 GLD MRD PLD WAR
Level 50
Hands 106 106 Strength +10, Vitality +11, Skill Speed +11, Determination +10
Lord's Plate Belt Lords plate belt icon1.png 60 GLD MRD PLD WAR
Level 50
Waist 92 92 Strength +8, Vitality +8, Parry +8, Determination +8
Noble's Goggles Nobles goggles icon1.png 60 ARC BRD
Level 50
Head 55 55 Dexterity +10, Vitality +11, Determination +10, Skill Speed +11
Peltast Helm Peltast helm icon1.png 60 Disciples of War
Level 50
Head 55 55 Strength +10, Vitality +11, Accuracy +15, Determination +7
Strategos Breeches Strategos breeches icon1.png 60 Disciples of Magic
Level 50
Legs 53 100 Vitality +16, Mind +16, Piety +15, Spell Speed +17
Toxotes Bracers Toxotes bracers icon1.png 60 Disciples of War
Level 50
Hands 55 55 Dexterity +10, Vitality +11, Critical Hit Rate +11,

Skill Speed +15

Toxotes Tunic Toxotes tunic icon1.png 60 Disciples of War
Level 50
Body 76 76 Dexterity +16, Vitality +18, Critical Hit Rate +17,

Accuracy +24


Pharos sirius1.jpg Pharos sirius2.jpg Pharos sirius3.jpg

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