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Used to display any icons related to map articles.

{{weather icon|<name>}}


unnamed parameter 1
Required. See the tables below for all of the available options.


{{weather icon|clear skies}}Clear Skies.png

Possible values

Parameter Icon
clear skies Clear Skies.png
fair skies Fair Skies.png
clouds Clouds.png
fog Fog.png
wind Wind.png
gales Gales.png
rain Rain.png
showers Showers.png
thunder Thunder weather.png
thunderstorms Thunderstorms.png
dust storms Dust Storms.png
sandstorms Sandstorms.png
hot spells Hot Spells.png
heat waves Heat Waves.png
snow Snow.png
blizzards Blizzard (weather).png
gloom Gloom.png
auroras Auroras.png
darkness Darkness.png
tension Tension.png
storm clouds Storm Clouds.png
rough seas Rough Seas.png
louring Louring.png
heat waves other Heat Waves other.png
gloom other Gloom (King Moggle Mog).png
gales other Gales (Garuda).png
eruptions Eruptions.png
irradiance Irradiance.png
core radiation Core Radiation.png
shelf clouds Shelf Clouds.png
oppression Oppression.png
umbral wind Umbral Wind.png
umbral static Umbral Static.png
smoke Smoke.png
royal levin Royal Levin.png
hyperelectricity Hyperelectricity.png
multiplicity Multiplicity.png
dragonstorms Dragonstorms.png
concordance Concordance.png
beyond time Beyond Time.png
demonic infinity Demonic Infinity.png
dimensional disruption Dimensional Disruption.png
revelstorms Revelstorms.png
eternal bliss Eternal Bliss.png
wyrmstorms Wyrmstorms.png
quicklevin Quicklevin.png
white cyclones White Cyclones.png
ultimania Ultimania.png
moonlight Moonlight.png
scarlet Scarlet weather.png
flames Flames.png
tsunamis Tsunamis.png
cyclones Cyclones.png
geostorms Geostorms.png
true blue True Blue.png
umbral turbulence Umbral Turbulence.png
everlasting light Everlasting Light.png
termination Termination.png
dreams Dreams.png
brilliance Brilliance.png
umbral flare Umbral Flare.png
umbral duststorm Umbral Duststorm.png
umbral levin Umbral Levin.png
umbral tempest Umbral Tempest.png
firestorm Firestorm.png
spectral current Spectral Current.png
climactic Climactic.png
delirium Delirium (Weather).png
starshower Starshower.png
moondust Moon Dust.png
astromagnetic storm Astromagnetic Storm.png
apocalypse Apocalypse.png
projection Projection.png
polarization Polarization.png
ultimatum Ultimatum weather.png
inevitability Inevitability weather.png
pandaemonium Pandaemonium weather.png
trancendence Transcendence weather.png
vacuity Vacuity weather.png