Minion of Light

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Minion of Light

Item type

“When Darkness veils the world, three Minions of Light shall come.” ─ Unknown prophet

— In-game description

Minion of Light
Minion of Light.png
Lord of Verminion Information
Type Poppet
Auto Attack AoE (Warrior) / Single Target (Black Mage) / Single Target (White Mage)
HP 430 (Warrior) / 420 (Black Mage) / 395 (White Mage)
ATK 25 (Warrior) / 30 (Black Mage) / 40 (White Mage)
DEF 35 (Warrior) / 35 (Black Mage) / 35 (White Mage)
SPD 1 (Warrior) / 3 (Black Mage) / 3 (White Mage)
Cost 10
Strengths Arcana (Warrior) / Eye (Black Mage) / Eye (White Mage)
Special Action Mayhem (Warrior) - Reduces ATK of all enemies within range by 50%. Duration: 15s
Cure 0 (White Mage) - Restores 100 HP to all allies within range (150 if the ally is a poppet).
Petit Poppet (Black Mage) - Inflicts a weakness to poppets on all enemies within range. Duration: 6s
Action Type Enfeebling (Warrior) / Restoration (White Mage) / Enfeebling (Black Mage)
Points 20 (Warrior) / 30 (Black Mage) / 30 (White Mage)
Minion of Light is a minion obtained as part of the Veteran Rewards. Players will receive the minion for subscribing to ARR for 180 days (6 months).


"When Darkness veils the world, three Minions of Light shall come." ─Unknown Prophet

Ancient records show that almost every Astral Era has had its own Warrior of Light - brave souls who appeared before forthcoming disasters to unite the people of that time... only to disappear once again as catastrophe rained down from the heavens.


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