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It may seem odd that a profession dedicated to materials harvested from animals would be found nestled under the shady boughs of Gridania. This city governed by the Padjal, those chosen by the forest spirits to maintain balance, is actually the perfect home of the profession. Hunting maintains healthy populations, balancing the forest, and leatherworking teaches the citizens to Waste Not and respect the hunted. In crafting, Waste Not will serve you well.

Because of leveling of all crafting specialties are similar, all the common descriptions about this are accumulated in page The Way of crafting.

Leatherworker makes many items essential to all classes. In addition to the leather jackets and subligar used by Disciples of War, Leatherworker produces all the belts, most of the gloves and shoes, and some of the hats used by all classes. They make leather collars, the essential neck piece for Disciples of the Land, and other eclectic pieces like leather-wrapped knuckles pugilists can use.

Leatherworker Specific Actions

Waste Not

Earth Aspect Spells

Do Not Sell My Personal Information