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Eater of Souls

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Eater of Souls

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Quest giver
Labyrinthos (X:8.6, Y:27.5)
Quest line
Pandæmonium Quests
Experience 0
Gil 3,000
Previous quest
Truth Imperfect
Next quest
Pandæmonium Awakens

Ruissenaud breathes a sigh of relief at your arrival.

— In-game description


Optional rewards


  • Proceed to the Aetherial Lens and wait at the destination.
  • Enter Anabaseios: The Ninth Circle.
  • Speak with Erichthonios.


  • Ruissenaud breathes a sigh of relief at your arrival.
  • Ruissenaud is elated at your fortuitous arrival, for it seems that moments ago, Fourchenault sent word of information that could shed light upon the nature of Claudien's disappearance and the subsequent manifestation of Pandæmonium in the current age. The researcher instructs you to make your way to the Aetherial Lens, where Fourchenault awaits.
  • Fourchenault informs you that an investigation of Azys Lla recovered Claudien's airship, but found no trace of the missing professor. Furthermore, reports indicate that part of Azys Lla is no longer there─to all appearances having been removed from the facility in its entirety. Fourchenault and his peers believe that this missing portion was somehow reformed into Pandæmonium, which now floats forebodingly on the currents of the aetherial sea. Ere you can brave its halls in search of the truth, however, you will need to dispatch an aether-hungry beast that has emerged from its gates. Equipped with the memory crystal that once so fascinated Claudien, you step forth to confront the ravening monstrosity.

※Anabaseios: The Ninth Circle can be accessed via the Duty Finder.

  • With Kokytos slain, souls may now continue their journey through the Lifestream unimpeded. Still, the aetherial sea's safety cannot be assured so long as Pandæmonium looms in the distance, so you hasten to return to Fourchenault and initiate your investigation into the looming anachronism.
  • Ere you can return to the Aitiascope, you receive an unexpected visit from none other than Athena. While she claims no ill intent, she confesses to kidnapping Claudien for use in her research, which she seems convinced will allow her to ascend to godhood. She would have you join her experiment, going so far as to create apparitions from crystallized memories and spare souls that can teach you of her ambitions. She then retreats to Pandæmonium, leaving you with the bewildered simulacra of Lahabrea and Erichthonios.
  • The reconstructed Erichthonios and Lahabrea explain that while they have been given form of a sort, they are unable to wield magicks or affect the physical world. They remain adamant in their conviction to stop Athena's schemes, however, to which end Lahabrea suggests gathering information on the Pandæmonium now floating in the aetherial sea. The surprised researchers on the opposite end of the platform would be the perfect place to start, so it seems a strange meeting is in order...