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During the Third Astral Era, scientific discoveries were a daily occurance, with society turning its focus away from the gods who had tried to end them, and towards the individual talents and growth of the people. While these discoveries were nothing short of miracles, the Allagan Empire would never have flourished in the way it did without the guidance of Xande. His embracing of those who were proficient in Magic led to further scientific and arcane discoveries. In a stroke of genius, Xande sought to combine the two schools of thought into one. This was the birth of Aetherochemistry. Siege weapons were greatly enhanced to be able to travel and fire further and with an intense degree of accuracy. towering structures were built by machines that could lift several times their maximum capacity, and the lives of the citizens became enriched in ways not concieved of before. With the powers of Magic and science unlocked, Eorzea society soared far beyond what was believed possible, and the Allagans entered into a Golden Age of prosperity.