The Bowl of Embers

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See also: The Bowl of Embers (Hard) and The Bowl of Embers (Extreme)
Ifrit Guide
Owing to a betrayal you have been captured by the Amalj'aa and taken to their stronghold of Zanr'ak, there to be given as an offering to the primal Ifrit. IF you are to survive this fiery encounter with the Lord of the Inferno, you and your comrades must fight with no less than every onze of your strength. Should you fall, your souls shall burn for eternity...

The Bowl of Embers is a level 20 trial. It requires a light party of 4 players. In The Bowl of Embers, players will face the fiery primal Ifrit. The trial is unlocked through main story quests.

  • If you are level 25 or above, you will be level sync'd to level 24.


Ifrit fight can be divided into 4 phases. The first phase takes place when Ifrit has about 100% to 75% HP. It is a fairly straight forward tank and spank. The second phase begins when Ifrit has about 75% of his HP. Ifrit also has a frontal cone, AoE, fiery breath attack. Non-tank members of the party should not be in front of Ifrit.

In the 2nd phase, Ifrit has an eruption ability. Periodically, a large circular area on the ground will start glowing, usually it appears directly underneath one of your party members. After a few seconds, the circular will explode and everything within it will take AoE damage. Get out of the circle immediately.

The third phase begins when Ifrit is at about 50% of its HP. It spawns an object called Infernal Nail on the ground. Have your DPS kill the nail immediately. After a while Ifrit will cast its signature ability Hell Fire. If your party did not destroy the nail before Ifrit casts hell fire, the spell will do MASSIVE AoE damage to your entire party. A wipe is most likely. If your party destroys it, hell fire will do far less damage.

After Ifrit has used hell fire and has about 25% HP, phase 4 begins. In this phase, Ifrit will not only have the eruption ability from earlier but also a multiple eruption eruption ability. In the multiple eruption ability, Ifrit summons multiple circular areas on the ground. The circular areas are dark red in color and located at either the perimeter of the boss room or towards inside of it. Stay alert and get out of the circles whenever they appear.

  • Kill Infernal Nail as soon as it appears, use Limit Break on it if you need to. Can be tanked by Topaz Carbuncle.
  • Get out of the glowing circular areas on the ground.

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