The Howling Eye (Extreme)

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See also: The Howling Eye and The Howling Eye (Hard)
Garuda (Extreme) Guide
Gruda Extreme

The Howling Eye (Extreme) is a level 50 trial that requires the player to defeat Garuda (Extreme). It requires a full party of 8 players and average item level (iLevel) of 65 and above. To unlock the trial, player must be on the quest Galeforce Warning and should have completed Primal Nature and defeated Titan (Hard).


  • The video was incorrect when stating that Suparna needs to be pulled, everyone says to pull Chirada first when they spawn.
  • The video was incorrect when stating that Spiny Plume gives stacks when you hit it, the stacks actually come from when the Spiny Plume hits you.


Item Icon Slot Level iLvl Job Def Magic Def Stats
Vortex Ring of Aiming Garuda extreme ring.png Ring 50 90 Bard 1 1 Dexterity +13, Critical Hit Rate +11, Skill Speed +16
Vortex Ring of Casting Garuda extreme ring.png Ring 50 90 Black Mage
1 1 Intelligence +13, Determination +8, Accuracy +16
Vortex Ring of Fending Garuda extreme ring.png Ring 50 90 Warrior
1 1 Vitality +15, Critical Hit Rate +11, Determination +11
Vortex Ring of Healing Garuda extreme ring.png Ring 50 90 White Mage
1 1 Mind +13, Spell Speed +11, Determination +11
Vortex Ring of Slaying Garuda extreme ring.png Ring 50 90 Dragoon
1 1 Strength +13, Accuracy +11, Critical Hit Rate +16


An attack by the primal Garuda has annihilated an entire brigade of Twin Adders, with the sole survivor left to tell a tale writ in terror and misery. Garuda's powers are far greater than they should be; left with few options and all but one of them almost certain failures, the Order of the Twin Adder turns to the Scions of the Seventh Dawn, so that they may summon a Warrior of Light.

Light Party The Bowl of EmbersThe NavelThe Howling Eye
Full Party Cape WestwindThe Bowl of Embers (Hard)The Howling Eye (Hard)Thornmarch (Hard)
The Navel (Hard)The Whorleater (Hard)The Minstrel's Ballad: Ultima's BaneThe Howling Eye (Extreme)
The Striking Tree (Hard)The Navel (Extreme)The Bowl of Embers (Extreme)Thornmarch (Extreme)
The Whorleater (Extreme)The Dragon's NeckAkh Afah Amphitheatre (Hard)
The Striking Tree (Extreme)Akh Afah Amphitheatre (Extreme)
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