Doing the Dirty Work

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Sidequest.png Sidequest

Quest Giver Marcette - Central Shroud (16,18)
Requirements Level 29
Items Needed Marcette's Medicine x1 Putrid Stomach x1
Reward Experience Points 7220   
Hi-potion x3 or Ether x3
Previous Quest Next Quest
Shocking Discoveries None


  1. Marcette wants you to kill a stroper.
  2. Go find one of the big marlboros called Halitostroper, and use the given bottle (Marcette's Medicine) on it. This will give it a HP Penalty and Determination Down, which makes it much easier to kill.
  3. Once killed, return the Putrid Stomach to Marcette to complete the quest.

In-game description

Marcette requires a freshly extracted stroper stomach for her latest experiment. Use the medicine she has provided you with to neutralize its foul breath, then slay the creature and extract its innards.

You have obtained the putrid stomach of a stroper. Deliver the foul mess to Marcette before you pass out from the unbearable stench.

Never have you seen anyone so happy to receive a putrid pile of innards. Marcette is once again tremendously pleased with herself, and—from the fact that she remembered your number—might even genuinely appreciate your efforts this time.

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