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The Dying Gasp

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The Dying Gasp

The Dying Gasp (image).png
80 (Sync: N/A
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410 (Sync: N/A
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Party size
Full Party
8man 2 Tank role.png 2 Healer role.png 4 DPS role.png
Time limit
Req. quest
Main Scenario quest Shadowbringers (Quest)

By Emet-Selch's own words, you are no one─nothing─your life a ghastly mockery of past perfection, utterly devoid of meaning. Yet despite his endless refutations of your worth, mankind has dreamed and struggled and survived. Even now, you fight to preserve your future, and spare two worlds from unimaginable destruction.

The moment has come to make your stand, to call upon every last reserve of strength. Fight for those who shared your journey, and for those you met along the way. Fight for those who awaited your coming across the boundaries of time and space. From distant stars yet undimmed, you are joined by seven summoned champions, for only together can you hope to prevail against the staggering might of this ancient Ascian─the immortal and implacable Hades!

— In-game description

The Dying Gasp is a level 80 trial introduced in patch 5.0 with Shadowbringers.



The Dying Gasp Guide by MTQcapture

Phase 1

  • Ravenous Assault - Tankbuster.
  • Bad Faith - To purple walls with spikes pointing out from one side will form to either side of Hades, then blast the side of the arena with the spikes. Stand by a wall that has spikes pointing away from you.
  • Double - casts next ability twice. Works on Dark Eruption and Shadowspread.
  • Dark Eruption - AoE markers will be placed on random players. After a few seconds, it will place an AoE marker on the ground where the previously marked players were standing, allowing them to move away before the explosion. This spell can be doubled. During Double, the marked players will spawn a second circle after the first one explodes, so players should continue to avoid stacking until both explosions have happened.
  • Shadowspread - AoE cones will shoot out around the boss. This spell can be Doubled. During double, move into first blast's area after it goes off in order to avoid the second blast easily.
  • Broken Faith - Meteor-like discs will fall around the room in a random order, exploding in a radius determined by the circles on the ground dealing damage and applying stacks of Vulnerability. The center of the room is "safer" since fewer discs can fall there.

Transition Phase

At 10% hp Hades will go immune and begin an add phase. Three waves of adds will spawn. Between waves, two types of aoe markers will be randomly placed on players, a few "get away" marks and one "stack on this person" mark. Anyone without a mark should stack on the stack marker. During this phase Hades will fill a "Favor of the Ancients" meter. At the end of the phase he will transition to the next phase with a blast dealing damage based on the meter's progress. At about 85% progress, it will one-shot anyone but the tanks without heavy cooldowns and shields.

Phase 2

Hades will spawn as a large monster off the side of the platform. This will also trigger a checkpoint - if the party wipes afterwards you will begin at this phase of the fight.

  • Titanomachy - Unavoidable party AoE damage.
  • Shadowmancy - Untelegraphed blast across the center of the platform, while the spell is charging move to sides of the arena to avoid it.
  • Dual Strike - Marked players should move away from party members. Usually targets the tanks. Cooldowns recommended.
  • Echoes of the Lost - Hades lifts an arm, then hits 90% of the platform. Run to the edge on the side his arm is on to avoid it, but beware falling off the edge of the platform.
  • Polygdemon's Predation - Exact opposite of Shadowmancy. Run in front of the boss to avoid it.
  • Hellborn Yawp - Both tanks will be marked, and when the cast finishes, there will be large AoE cone attacks on the tanks. Tanks should split up on opposite sides of the boss so the center of the arena is safe, then run out of the aoe once the cones are laid down.
  • Captivity - Two players marked with large AoE markers. When the cast goes off, anyone standing in the markers will be pulled into an Aetherial Gaol that must be DPS'd down. Failing to kill the Gaol before the Execution cast finishes results in the instant death of anyone inside it.
  • Dual Strike 2.0 - marks nearly everyone with Aoe circles or tethers - Circles take damage first, then tethers in a random order. Spread out.
  • Doom - Shadows fill the room except for 5 white circles, then the boss casts a party-wide Doom. One player must stand in each of the white circles to remove it. There's also nothing wrong with everyone running for a circle.
  • Wall of the Lost - Telegraphed push away from the center of the arena. Stand near boss or you'll be pushed off the platform to your death.

Final Phase

  • At about 20% hp, the final phase will begin. There will be a raid-wide Active Time Event (mash buttons to fill the meter asap, if the cast finishes with the meter unfilled you die) followed by the boss casting The Dark Devours, an raid-wide damage ability that increases in damage over time. He will also channel The Black Cauldron, if it finishes the raid will wipe.