Odin (FATE)

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The Odin FATE, named Steel Reign, is a level 50 FATE that appears in East Shroud, Central Shroud, North Shroud or South Shroud periodically. The FATE appears once every few days. When Odin spawns the entire zone will have a dark, foggy and stormy quality.

  • Odin will take the appearance of the last person who has landed the killing blow on him.


Gungnir - Circular AoE indicator appears on ground. Gungnir appears in the circle and all players inside of it are bound and are dealt damage over time. Odin is invulnerable to damage while performing the ability.

Einherjar - deals massive AoE damage to all players within the large circular indicator around Odin.

Hall of Lead - Slows all players around Odin

Hall of Sorrow -

Hall of Stone - Deals the debuff Physical Vulnerability Up and Petrification to all players around Odin.

Valknut - Deals AoE damage to all players in a small circle around Odin.

Zantetsuken - Odin uses the ability towards the end of the battle at around 1 to 5% HP. Zantetsuken has 30 second cast time. At the end of casting all players participating in the Odin FATE will be killed instantly. Players should use all of their damage dealing cooldowns and Limit Breaks on Odin when he begins to cast this.


Players will obtain 1 Odin's Mantle for Silver Medal Completion and 5 Odin's Mantle for Gold Medal Completion.

5 Odin's Mantle can be traded for 1 Zantetsuken or Herklaedi or Hjalmr or Sleipnir Barding.

Additionally Odin's Mantle can be crafted into a furniture Dark Divinity Falleth by a Blacksmith.