High-Capacity Tomestone

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High-capacity tomestone icon1.png
High-Capacity Tomestone
Ironworks experts insist these tomestones not only contain reams of invaluable information from the Allagan Empire, but compress a far greater wealth of knowledge within than the average tomestone.
High-Capacity Tomestone is a Miscellany item. It is used for purchasing Eikonic Weapons

Obtained By

Purchased From

Sabina in Idyllshire for 4x Midan Gear.

Dropped By

Alexander: Midas The Cuff of the Son (Savage) (A6S)

Used For

1x High-Capacity TomestoneHigh-Capacity Tomestone and 10x Rowena's Token (Lore) are used to purchase Eikonic Weapons at Bertana in Idyllshire(x5,y5).

Crafting Ingredient