Down With The Sickness

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Down With The Sickness
Type Kill Enemies
Location The Peaks - The Last Forest (x21.4,y6.7)
Level 60
Duration  ?m
Starting NPC Frightened Villager
Delivery NPC Bloodglider
Description The lichyard behind Ala Gannha is full to bursting with the freshly buried bodies of those to have recently succumbed to the Weeping Cough-an affliction that induces hacking fits so terrible, that it makes the victim shed tears. The cause of this illness? The scales shed by the giant moth-like bloodgliders that fly over the village at night. If they were to be slain, the people might be saved.
Down With The Sickness is a level 60 Kill Enemies FATE in The Peaks - The Last Forest (x21.4,y6.7).

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