Alexander: Gordias (Savage)

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General Information

Alexander: Gordias (Savage) is the first section of Alexander (Savage), the savage mode of the 8-player raid in Heavensward. Released on July 23, 2015, Gordias (Savage) requires players a full party of 8 players to enter.


Complete the level 60 quest A Song of Steam and Steel. Players can talk to Wandering Minstrel in Mor Dhona (x21,y8) to start the quest. Players must have first completed the quest Enigma. (Requires the completion of Gordias NM)

Players can talk to Redbrix in The Dravanian Hinterlands (x23,y26) to enter.


Sector 1

Alexander - The Fist of the Father (Savage)

Sector 2

Alexander - The Cuff of the Father (Savage)

Sector 3

Alexander - The Arm of the Father (Savage)

Sector 4

Alexander - The Burden of the Father (Savage)

Accuracy Cap


In addition to gear, after completing each floor, each player will obtain a Gordian Manifesto. 1 Gordian Manifesto can be obtained from each Floor once per week. Gordian Manifesto can be exchanged for gear at Sabina in Idyllshire (x5,y5).

When players replay a previously beaten Floor before the weekly reset, players will not be able to obtain gear or Gordian Manifesto. Additionally, the number of treasure coffers that appear will also decrease. If 1 to 4 players are replaying a Floor, only a single treasure coffer will appear. If 5 to 7 players are replaying a Floor, no treasure coffers will appear.

  • Players completing the Floor for the first time that week will still obtain Gordian Manifesto.


Gear Slot Required Token # of Token
Arms Gordian Manifesto - Page 4 8
Gladiator's Arm Gordian Manifesto - Page 4 5
Shield Gordian Manifesto - Page 4 3
Head Gordian Manifesto - Page 3 6
Body Gordian Manifesto - Page 4 8
Hands Gordian Manifesto - Page 2 6
Waist Gordian Manifesto - Page 2 4
Legs Gordian Manifesto - Page 3 8
Feet Gordian Manifesto - Page 2 6
Accessories Gordian Manifesto - Page 1 4
Illuminati Gobdip Gordian Manifesto - Page 4 4
Illuminati Gobtwine Gordian Manifesto - Page 3 4
Illuminati Gobcoat Gordian Manifesto - Page 2 4


Sector 1 Loot - Necklaces, Earrings, Bracelets, Rings

Sector 2 Loot - Hand Armor, Waist Armor, Feet Armor, Illuminati Gobcoat

Sector 3 Loot - Head Armor, Leg Armor, Illuminati Gobtwine

Sector 4 Loot - Body Armor, Weapons, Shields, Illuminati Gobdip, Gobwalker Gear

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