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Lightning wearing Dream Hat standing to someone wearing the Snowman Costume

Starlight Celebration is the winter themed seasonal event that occurs in December. The event begins on Wednesday, December 18, 2013 and ends on Tuesday, December 31, 2013.

Players can participate in the event by talking to a Starlight Celebrant in Ul'dah - Steps of Nald (x10,y9), Old Gridania (x10,y9) and Limsa Lominsa Upper Decks (x11,y13).


Outside of each city, players can participate in a level 6 FATE named Stay Frosty.


To complete the fate, you must defeat all of the imps that spawn. However, the imps have a buff that makes them invincible to all attacks, unless you get hit by the treant's AoE. It's the only red-circle that appears, and appears around one of the imps. Getting hit will knock you back a decent distance, do minor damage, and give you the "snowman" buff. This buff lets you damage the imps. After that, the fate is fairly linear, and all you have to do is get hit by the treant's AoE (once every 2 shots is enough) every once in a while.

  • Players will receive 30 Eternal Ice for each FATE completion. Players can use the Eternal Ice to purchase event rewards from the holiday vendors.

Event Rewards

Item Icon Type Description
Snowman Head snowman head icon1.png Head The head part of the snowman costume
Snowman Suit snowman suit icon1.png Body The body part of the snowman costume
Snowman Mitts Snowman mitts icon1.png Hands The hands part of the snowman costume
Dream Hat dream hat icon1.png Head Santa hat
Dream Tunic dream tunic icon1.png Body Red Santa coat
Dream Boots dream boots icon1.png Feet Santa boots
Reindeer Antlers reindeer antlers icon1.png Head Reindeer antler headband
Reindeer Suit reindeer suit icon1.png Body Reindeer overall
Starlight Barding starlight barding icon1.png Chocobo Barding Gives your chocobo a reindeer costume.
Snowflake Peak snowflake peak icon1.png Meal +3% EXP, +8% Vitality (Max 2)
Princess Pudding princess pudding icon1.png Meal +3% EXP, +1 Vitality
Ore Fruitcake ore fruitcake icon1.png Meal +3% EXP, +8% Vitality (Max 2)
Starlight Log starlight log icon1.png Meal +3% EXP, +6% Vitality (Max 6)
Roast Dodo roast dodo icon1.png Meal +3% EXP, +4% Vitality (Max 4), Skill Speed +7% (Max 7)


A Winter Awoken? The Starlight Celebration is a time of generous gestures and festive fellowship, reminding us that even a customary courtesy can be a bounteous benevolence. It also reminds us of darker days in Eorzean history, which serve to make such deeds shine all the brighter.

Several generations ago, a sanguinary struggle claimed countless lives and left full as many orphans homeless and hungry. Taking pity upon their plight, a company of Ishgardian knights sought out these children each night, furnishing them with food and shelter within their barracks.

As doing so was positively prohibited, however, the knights had the children slip in while swathed in their scarlet jackets. Thus were they spared the worst of the cruel cold. These orphans survived the winter, and, later in life, they went on to convey the same kindness to others that they had once received. On the coldest week of the year, they took to sporting scarlet and passing out presents to the children of the realm. And over time, their deeds developed into the favored festival known as the Starlight Celebration.

To this day, the people of Eorzea faithfully follow this convivial custom. Alas, due to curious circumstances, the Adventurers' Guild has fallen into disarray, and rumors of rescheduling the revelry run rampant.

As a forager of facts, I am never one to put stock in speculation. To that end, I sought to substantiate my suspicions regarding a sinister stratagem to see our seasonal spirit squandered. A representative from the Adventurers' Guild informed of the proposed plan—snowmen, made with powdery stuff sleighed down from Coerthas. However, the festivities were frustrated when a flight of insidious imps appeared and attempted to melt the snowmen. Sentries scrambled to scatter the imps immediately, but to their surprise, the snowmen scarcely needed saving. If reports are to be believed, they attained awareness, fleeing from the flames and into the wilderness.

Before indulging in the idea of sentient snowmen, bear in mind that imps are skilled at shapeshifting shams. In all likelihood, they assumed the appearance of snowmen they had sought to soften.

However, on the off chance that the snowmen found feeling and fled of their own volition, Eorzea may find its starlit skies blotted black before the festival is finished.

Dural Tharal

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