Shoulder Tackle

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Shoulder Tackle
Shoulder Tackle
Type Ability
Acquired Level 35 Monk
Requires MNK
TP Cost 0
Cast Time Instant
Cooldown 90s
Range 20y
Description Rushes to target and delivers an attack with a potency of 100.
Additional Effect: Stun for 2s.
Cannot be executed while bound.

Pugilist Actions BootshineTrue StrikeFeatherfootSnap PunchSecond WindHaymaker
Internal ReleaseTouch of DeathTwin SnakesFists of EarthDemolish
Arm of the DestroyerFists of WindSteel PeakMantraHowling FistPerfect Balance
Monk Actions RockbreakerShoulder TackleFists of FireOne Ilm PunchDragon Kick
Traits Enhanced StrengthEnhanced FeatherfootEnhanced Strength II
Enhanced Greased LightningEnhanced Strength IIIEnhanced Twin Snakes
Third WindEnhanced Internal ReleaseEnhanced Greased Lightning II
Mythril PeakEnhanced Mantra
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