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Players can gain reputation with the various Beastmen tribes such as the Sylphs or Amalj'aa by completing the daily Beast Tribe Quests for them. Players will not only gain reputation points for each quest completed but also experience points, gil, Tomestones of Mythology and various crystals for crafting. As the player gains more reputation, you are able to unlock the ability to purchase various unique items such as dyes, minions and mounts.

  • Reputation is divided to 4 ranks. The first rank, the rank players start off with, is neutral, the second rank is recognized, the third rank is Friendly and the final rank is Trusted.


Rank 1: Neutral

Rank 2: Recognized

Players gain the ability to purchase dyes unique to each Beast Tribe.

Rank 3: Friendly

Players gain the ability to purchase more unique dyes.

Rank 4: Trusted

Players gain the ability to purchase minions and mounts unique to each Beast Tribe

Rank ??: Sworn

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