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Level 43
Sale Price(Gil) 18
Type Category:Freshwater Fish
Prime Location Old Gridania
Conditions Raining
Favored Bait  ???
Catch Rate  ???
Description This deep blue freshwater fish can be seen sticking its head out of the water whenever it rains, leading people to believe it is the fish summoning the storm. However, naturalists have surmised that the fish are simply rising to the surface in search of food, mistaking the drops of water for insects.
Uses  ???

Freshwater Fish

Abalathian Smelt, Acorn Snail, Aegis Shrimp, Agelyss Carp, Ala Mhigan Fighting Fish, Angry Pike, Archerfish, Armored Pleco, Assassin Betta, Black Eel, Black Ghost, Blindfish, Bluebell Salmon, Blueclaw Shrimp, Boltfish, Bone Cleaner, Bone Crayfish, Bonytongue, Bowfin, Boxing Pleco, Brass Loach, Bronze Lake Trout, Cadaver Carp, Cave Cherax, Chub, Climbing Perch, Clown Loach, Coerthan Crab, Coeurlfish, Common Sculpin, Copperfish, Crayfish, Crimson Crayfish, Crimson Trout, Dark Bass, Dark Sleeper, Discus, Dusk Goby, Dwarf Catfish, Emperor Fish, Eunuch Crayfish, Faerie Bass, Fall Jumper, Five-ilm Pleco, Four-eyed Fish, Garpike, Giant Bass, Giant Catfish, Giant Donko, Gigantpole, Glass Perch, Goblin Perch, Golden Loach, Goldfish, Grip Killifish, Gudgeon, Heliobatis, Ice Faerie, Icepick, Ignus Snail, Ilsabardian Bass, Jade Eel, Judgement Staff, Jungle Catfish, Kissing Trout, Knifefish, Kobold Puffer, La Noscean Perch, Lamp Marimo, Lamprey, Loyal Pleco, Maiden Carp, Marble Oscar, Moat Carp, Monke-Onke, Morinabaligi, Mudcrab, Mudskipper, Mushroom Crab, Northern Pike, Oakroot, Paglth'an Discus, Pipira, Pirarucu, Plaguefish, Pond Mussel, Poxpike, Rainbow Trout, Raincaller, River Crab, Root Skipper, Ropefish, Sea Pickle, Seema, Shadow Catfish, Silverfish, Sludgeskipper, Sorcerer Fish, Southern Pike, Spotted Pleco, Spotted Puffer, Striped Goby, Sundisc, Takitaro, Thunderbolt Sculpin, Trader Eel, Tri-colored Carp, Vampire Lampern, Velodyna Carp, Wandering Sculpin, Warmwater Trout, Whilom Catfish, Wootz Knifefish, Yugr'am Salmon

Saltwater Fish

Angelfish, Balloonfish, Bianaq Bream, Black Sole, Blacklip Oyster, Blowfish, Blue Coral (Fishing), Blue Octopus, Coelacanth, Dinichthys, Finger Shrimp, Fullmoon Sardine, Giant Squid, Gigant Octopus, Goosefish, Halibut, Hammerhead Shark, Haraldr Haddock, Harbor Herring, Helmet Crab, Indigo Herring, Leafy Seadragon, Little Thalaos, Lominsan Anchovy, Mahi-Mahi, Malm Kelp, Mazlaya Marlin, Megalodon, Merlthor Goby, Mitten Crab, Monkfish, Moraby Flounder, Mummer Wrasse, Nautilus, Navigator's Dagger, Ocean Cloud, Ogre Barracuda, Pebble Crab, Pike Eel, Plaice, Red Coral (Fishing), Rock Lobster, Rothlyt Oyster, Saber Sardine, Sea Bo, Sea Cucumber, Sea Devil, Shall Shell, Sunfish, Tiger Cod, Tiny Tortoise, Vongola Clam, Wahoo, White Coral (Fishing), Whitelip Oyster

Dune Fish

Antlion Slug, Caravan Eel, Desert Catfish, Dune Manta, Dustfish, Sagolii Monkfish, Sand Bream, Sandfish, Storm Rider

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