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Ingredients are materials used by the crafting class Culinarian to create meals.

Types of Ingredients

Item Icon Purchased From Dropped By Crafted By Used to Craft
Ala Mhigan Mustard Ala mhigan mustard icon1.png Mustard Eggs, Deviled Eggs
Aldgoat Chuck Aldgoat chuck icon1.png Elder Longhorn, Longhorn Billygoat, Longhorn Nannygoat, Mourning Billy, Mourning Nanny, Myotragus Billy, Myotragus Nanny Aldgoat Steak
Aldgoat Milk Aldgoat milk icon1.png Engerrand, Jossy, O'rhoyod, Fridurih Frumenty, Mint Lassi, Pearl Chocolate, Dodo Omelette, Cottage Cheese, Honey Muffin
Allagan Snail Allagan snail icon1.png Holasfhis Tree Toad Legs, Lava Toad Legs
Alligator Pear Alligator pear icon1.png Alligator Salad
Almonds Almonds icon1.png Pastry Fish, Crowned Pie
Aloe Aloe icon1.png Forest Miq'abob
Alpine Parsnip Alpine parsnip icon1.png Jossy Parsnip Salad, Cheese Risotto
Antelope Shank Antelope shank icon1.png Antelope Doe, Scarred Antelope, Sirocco Antelope Stew, Antelope Steak, Shepherd's Pie
Apkallu Egg Apkallu egg icon1.png Apkallu Salt Cod Puffs, La Noscean Toast, Deviled Eggs, Trapper's Quiche, Apkallu Omelette, Spinach Quiche, Pineapple Ponzecake, Finger Sandwich, Popoto Pancakes
Apricot Apricot icon1.png Sachertorte
Black Pepper Black pepper icon1.png Jossy, Sahagin Vendor Mole Loaf, Rabbit Pie, Lentils and Chestnuts, Shepherd's Pie, Eel Pie, Orobon Stew, Smoked Raptor, Forest Miq'abob, Stuffed Artichoke, Jerked Beef, Dzemael Gratin, Eft Steak, Beef Stew
Black Limestone Black limestone icon1.png Monochrome Flooring, Syrcus Tower
Black Truffle Black truffle icon1.png Apkallu Omelette, Black Truffle Risotto
Blood Currants Blood currants icon1.png Blood Currant Tart, Red Drop
Blood Orange Blood orange icon1.png Roast Canard
Blue Cheese Blue cheese icon1.png Shopkeep, Merchant & Mender Roasted Nopales, Alligator Salad, Stuffed Artichoke
Buffalo Beans Buffalo beans icon1.png Jossy Parsnip Salad
Buffalo Milk Buffalo milk icon1.png Engerrand, Jossy, O'rhoyod, Alehouse Wench, Fridurih Sweet Cream, Smooth Butter, Bubble Chocolate, Walnut Bread, Crumpet, Cornbread, La Noscean Toast
Buffalo Sirloin Buffalo sirloin icon1.png Butting Buffalo, Large Buffalo, Rutting Buffalo Jerked Beef, Beef Stew
Button Mushroom Button mushroom icon1.png Spinach Saute, Forest Miq'abob, Button Mushroom Saute, Buttons in a Blanket
Canard Breast Canard breast icon1.png Roast Canard
Chanterelle Chanterelle icon1.png Jossy, Esmenet Potion, Chanterelle Saute, Braised Pipira, Raptor Stew
Chicken Breast Chicken breast icon1.png Engerrand, O'rhoyod, Fridurih Chicken and Mushrooms, Chicken Stock
Chicken Egg Chicken egg icon1.png Engerrand, Jossy, O'rhoyod, Fridurih Boiled Egg, Mole Loaf, Apple Tart, Honey Muffin, Dark Pretzel, Ginger Cookie, Cornbread, Knight's Bread
Chicken Stock Chicken stock icon1.png Level 28 Culinarian Orobon Stew, Cawl Cennin
Cider Vinegar Cider vinegar icon1.png Level 16 Culinarian Vintage Square Shield, Cottage Cheese, Eft Steak
Cieldalaes Spinach Cieldalaes spinach icon1.png Jossy Parsnip Salad, Spinach Saute, Baked Sole
Cinderfoot Olive Cinderfoot olive icon1.png Jossy Olive Oil
Cinnamon Cinnamon icon1.png Engerrand, Jossy, Sahagin Vendor, O'rhoyod, Fridurih Frumenty, Apple Tart, Mulled Tea, Crowned Pie, Spicy Tomato Relish
Clear Fluorite Clear fluorite icon1.png Fluorite Lens
Clove Oil Clove oil icon1.png Smydhaemr Alchemist, Iron Spear, Ash Mask (Lapis Lazuli), Yew Longbow, Bronze Pliers, Iron Awl, Iron Pliers, Initiate's Awl, Iron Bill, Brass Hatchet, Crowsbeak Hammer, Heavy Crowsbeak Hammer, Salt Cod Puffs
Cloves Cloves icon1.png Kobold Vendor, Tanie, Esmenet Clove Oil, Eel Pie, Mulled Tea
Coerthas Carrot Coerthas carrot icon1.png Jossy Mutton Stew, Rabbit Pie, Stone Soup, Antelope Stew, Shepherd's Pie, Chicken Stock, Orobon Stew, Stuffed Cabbage
Coeurl Meat Coeurl meat icon1.png Deep Jungle Coeurl, Deep Jungle Coeurl, Jungle Coeurl, Coeurl, Young Coeurl, Dark Matter Coeurl, Pit Coeurl, Pit Coeurl Pup, Pit Torama Sauteed Coeurl
Composite Whetstone Composite whetstone icon1.png Mummer's Daggers
Cooking Sherry Cooking sherry icon1.png Sauteed Coeurl
Cornmeal Cornmeal icon1.png Littlejohn Level 29 Culinarian Cornbread
Cottage Cheese Cottage cheese icon1.png Alehouse Wench Level 17 Culinarian Mashed Popotoes, Cheese Risotto, Scrambled Eggs, Black Truffle Risotto
Cream Cheese Cream cheese icon1.png Level 36 Culinarian Cheese Souffle, Trapper's Quiche, Spinach Quiche
Dalamud Nut Dalamud nut icon1.png
Dalamud Popoto Dalamud popoto icon1.png Popoto Pancakes
Dark Vinegar Dark vinegar icon1.png Level 31 Culinarian Alligator Salad, Spicy Tomato Relish
Desert Saffron Desert saffron icon1.png Spring Dress, Smelling Salts, Potent Sleeping Potion, Sleep Ward Potion, Pastry Fish, Buttons in a Blanket, Bouillabaisse
Dodo Egg Dodo egg icon1.png Wild Dodo, Fat Dodo, Gluttonous Gertrude Dodo Omelette, Mustard Eggs, Cheese Souffle
Dodo Stuffing Dodo stuffing icon1.png
Dodo Tenderloin Dodo tenderloin icon1.png Jossy Wild Dodo, Fat Dodo, Gluttonous Gertrude Grilled Dodo, Meat Miq'abob, Pea Soup
Dragon Pepper Dragon pepper icon1.png Sauerkraut, Lava Toad Legs
Duck Bones Duck bones icon1.png Duck Broth
Duck Broth Duck broth icon1.png Level 50 Culinarian
Dzemael Tomato Dzemael tomato icon1.png Tomato Pie, Bouillabaisse, Landtrap Salad, Red Drop, Spicy Tomato Relish
Eft Tail Eft tail icon1.png Axolotl, Emerald Salamander, Mudpuppy, Spotted Mudpuppy Dzemael Gratin, Eft Steak, Trapper's Quiche
Faerie Apple Faerie apple icon1.png Cider Vinegar, Apple Tart
Fish Stock Fish stock icon1.png
Fluorite Lens Fluorite lens icon1.png Level 50 Goldsmith
Galago Mint Galago mint icon1.png Jossy Gully Galago, Gully Galago, Galago, Opo-opo, Coliseum Lemur Mint Lassi, Lentils and Chestnuts
Garlean Garlic Garlean garlic icon1.png Jossy, Sahagin Vendor Marmot Steak, Tree Toad Legs, Grilled Dodo, Tomato Sauce, Grilled Warmwater Trout, Mashed Popotoes, Antelope Steak, Aldgoat Steak, Boiled Bream, Ratatouille, Button Mushroom Saute, Dzemael Gratin, Eft Steak, Sauteed Coeurl
Gelatin Gelatin icon1.png Level 14 Culinarian Blood Currant Tart, Stuffed Cabbage, Rolanberry Cheesecake
Gil Bun Gil bun icon1.png Hi-Potion, Hi-Potion of Strength, Chicken and Mushrooms, Baked Sole, Raptor Stew
Gridanian Chestnut Gridanian chestnut icon1.png Lentils and Chestnuts
Gridanian Walnut Gridanian walnut icon1.png Walnut Bread
Highland Parsley Highland parsley icon1.png Dodo Omelette, Salmon Meuniere, Fish Soup, Deviled Eggs, Clear Drop, Chilled Popoto Soup
Honey Honey icon1.png Engerrand, O'rhoyod, Fridurih Syrphid Cloud, Bee Cloud, Flower Wespe, Wespe, Hornet Swarm, Killer Hornet Cloud, Huge Hornet, Sandstorm, Hornet Cloud, Potter Wasp Swarm, Dung Wespe, Temple Bee Level 4 Culinarian Frumenty, Honey Muffin, Chamomile Tea, Knight's Bread, Roast Canard
Honey Lemon Honey lemon icon1.png Rolanberry Cheesecake, Black Drop, White Drop, Purple Drop, Yellow Drop
Iron Acorn Iron acorn icon1.png Acorn Cookie
Jade Peas Jade peas icon1.png Pea Soup
Kukuru Bean Kukuru bean icon1.png Jossy Kukuru Butter, Kukuru Powder
Kukuru Butter Kukuru butter icon1.png Level 10 Culinarian Pearl Chocolate, Bubble Chocolate
Kukuru Powder Kukuru powder icon1.png Level 11 Culinarian Bubble Chocolate, Black Drop
La Noscean Leek La noscean leek icon1.png Chilled Popoto Soup
La Noscean Lettuce La noscean lettuce icon1.png Jossy Parsnip Salad, Landtrap Salad, Finger Sandwich
La Noscean Orange La noscean orange icon1.png Jossy Orange Juice, Yellow Drop, Roast Canard
Lalafellin Lentil Lalafellin lentil icon1.png Lentils and Chestnuts
Laurel Laurel icon1.png Sauerkraut, Ratatouille, Eft Steak
Lava Toad Lava toad icon1.png Lava Toad Legs
Lavender Oil Lavender oil icon1.png Level 16 Culinarian Oasis Bathtub, Forest Miq'abob, Ratatouille
Lowland Grapes Lowland grapes icon1.png Engerrand, Jossy, O'rhoyod, Fridurih Raisins, Purple Drop
Maiden Artichoke Maiden artichoke icon1.png Stuffed Artichoke
Maple Sugar Maple sugar icon1.png Level 2 Culinarian Pearl Chocolate, Bubble Chocolate, Apple Tart, Walnut Bread, Dark Pretzel, Ginger Cookie, Blood Currant Tart, Crowned Pie, Clear Drop, Black Drop, White Drop, Red Drop, Blue Drop, Purple Drop, Yellow Drop, Green Drop, Steamed Catfish
Maple Syrup Maple syrup icon1.png Level 1 Culinarian Maple Sugar, Jack-o'-lantern, Crumpet, Cheese Souffle, La Noscean Toast, Pineapple Ponzecake
Marjoram Marjoram icon1.png Echo Drops
Marmot Meat Marmot meat icon1.png Jossy Star Marmot Marmot Steak, Rabbit Pie
Megalocrab Leg Megalocrab leg icon1.png Cancer, Gripper, Snipper, Megalocrab, Shearing Sheridan, Old Six-arms Crab Oil, Stuffed Artichoke
Midland Basil Midland basil icon1.png Sahagin Vendor Tuna Miq'abob, Knight's Bread, Trapper's Quiche, Tomato Pie, Lava Toad Legs
Midland Cabbage Midland cabbage icon1.png Boiled Bream, Sauerkraut, Stuffed Cabbage, Buttons in a Blanket
Millioncorn Millioncorn icon1.png Cornmeal
Mineral Water Mineral water icon1.png Engerrand, Jossy, O'rhoyod, Fridurih Boiled Egg, Flatbread, Boiled Crayfish, Mutton Stew, Jack-o'-lantern, Parsnip Salad, Pie Dough, Cider Vinegar, Stone Soup, Honey Muffin, Spinach Saute, Mustard Eggs, Dark Pretzel, Chamomile Tea, Pea Soup, Fried Egg, Cornbread, Acorn Cookie, Cawl Cennin, Sauerkraut, Knight's Bread, Mulled Tea, Beef Stew, Dagger Soup, Apkallu Omelette
Mirror Apple Mirror apple icon1.png Apple Juice, Pastry Fish, Crowned Pie, Popoto Pancakes
Mole Meat Mole meat icon1.png Jossy Clever Hedgemole, Moraby Mole, Hedgemole, Sewer Mole, Untamed Shrew, Ironquill Tuco-tuco, Tuco-tuco, Diamond-tooth Hedgemole Mole Loaf
Moon Nut Moon nut icon1.png
Moonstone Moonstone icon1.png
Mugwort Mugwort icon1.png Mega-Potion, Mega-Ether, Fire Ward Hi-Potion, Water Ward Hi-Potion, Earth Ward Hi-Potion, Ice Ward Hi-Potion, Wind Ward Hi-Potion, Lightning Ward Hi-Potion, X-Ether, Mugwort Carp
Mutton Loin Mutton loin icon1.png Jossy Lost Lamb Mutton Stew
Night Milk Night milk icon1.png Sahagin Vendor Butting Buffalo, Large Buffalo, Rutting Buffalo Stun Ward Potion, Cream Cheese, Cheese Souffle, Rolanberry Cheese, Rolanberry Lassi, White Drop, Pineapple Ponzecake
Noble Grapes Noble grapes icon1.png Grape Juice, Dark Vinegar
Nopales Nopales icon1.png Roasted Nopales
Nutmeg Nutmeg icon1.png Elixir, Jerked Beef, Salt Cod Puffs, Fish Soup, Dzemael Gratin, Trapper's Quiche, Spinach Quiche, Popoto Pancakes
Ogre Pumpkin Ogre pumpkin icon1.png Jossy Jack-o'-lantern
Olive Oil Olive oil icon1.png Sahagin Vendor Level 11 Culinarian Parsnip Salad, Lentils and Chestnuts, Boiled Bream, Alligator Salad, Cornbread, Smoked Raptor, Tuna Miq'abob, Button Mushroom Saute, La Noscean Toast, Bouillabaisse, Pan-fried Mahi-Mahi, Landtrap Salad
Orobon Liver Orobon liver icon1.png Bigmouth Orobon, Angler, Dune Angler, Alpgrot Orobon Orobon Stew
Paprika Paprika icon1.png Jossy Meat Miq'abob, Alligator Salad, Deviled Eggs
Pearl Ginger Pearl ginger icon1.png Spine Drops, Hi-Potion of Intelligence, Ginger Cookie, Mulled Tea
Pie Dough Pie dough icon1.png Level 14 Culinarian Rabbit Pie, Apple Tart, Eel Pie, Blood Currant Tart, Pastry Fish, Crowned Pie, Trapper's Quiche, Tomato Pie, Spinach Quiche
Pixie Plums Pixie plums icon1.png Dried Prunes, Blue Drop
Popoto Popoto icon1.png Stone Soup, Antelope Stew, Mashed Popotoes, Shepherd's Pie, Eel Pie, Dzemael Gratin, Chilled Popoto Soup, Steamed Catfish, Roast Canard
Powdered Sugar Powdered sugar icon1.png
Prickly Pineapple Prickly pineapple icon1.png Clear Drop, Blue Drop, Green Drop, Pineapple Ponzecake, Pineapple Juice
Puk Egg Puk egg icon1.png Peryton, Pteroc, Dark Matter Pteroc, Pteroc Matron Fried Egg, Scrambled Eggs
Ramhorn Zucchini Ramhorn zucchini icon1.png Ratatouille
Raptor Shank Raptor shank icon1.png Eoraptor, Grass Raptor, Velociraptor, Territorial Raptor, Lindwurm Smoked Raptor, Raptor Stew
Ratstool Ratstool icon1.png
Rich Tomato Relish Rich tomato relish icon1.png Level 50*** Culinarian 3 Fire Shard, 1 Chicken Breast, 1 Wild Onion, 1 Coerthas Carrot
Roasted Coffee Beans Roasted coffee beans icon1.png Triple Cream Coffee
Rolanberry Rolanberry icon1.png Rolanberry Cheese, Rolanberry Lassi
Rolanberry Cheese Rolanberry cheese icon1.png Level 43 Culinarian Tomato Pie, Rolanberry Cheesecake
Royal Kukuru Bean Royal kukuru bean icon1.png Sachertorte
Ruby Tomato Ruby tomato icon1.png Jossy Tomato Sauce, Meat Miq'abob, Forest Miq'abob, Ratatouille, Fish Soup, Buttons in a Blanket
Rye Rye icon1.png Jossy Rye Flour
Rye Flour Rye flour icon1.png Littlejohn Level 4 Culinarian Crayfish Ball, Flatbread, Goby Ball, Crab Ball, Acorn Cookie, Knight's Bread
Sagolii Sage Sagolii sage icon1.png Z'ranmaia Mega-Potion of Strength, Jerked Beef, Button Mushroom Saute
Salamander Tail Salamander tail icon1.png
Salt Leek Salt leek icon1.png Cawl Cennin, Stuffed Cabbage, Dagger Soup
Shriekshroom Shriekshroom icon1.png Engerrand, O'rhoyod, Esmenet, Fridurih Forest Funguar, Parasite Funguar, Toadstool, Faerie Funguar, Malevolent Fungus, Sylph Bonnet, Divan Mold, Demonstool, Prisoner's Delight, Eftstool Growth Formula Alpha
Smoked Bacon Smoked bacon icon1.png Bacon Bread, Bacon Broth
Smooth Butter Smooth butter icon1.png Sahagin Vendor Level 7 Culinarian Tree Toad Legs, Chanterelle Saute, Braised Pipira, Dodo Omelette, Apple Tart, Walnut Bread, Chicken and Mushrooms, Mashed Popotoes, Honey Muffin, Spinach Saute, Salmon Meuniere, Shepherd's Pie, Dark Pretzel, Eel Pie, Ginger Cookie, Fried Egg, Crumpet, Blood Currant Tart, Cawl Cennin, Fish Soup, La Noscean Toast, Apkallu Omelette, Sauteed Coeurl, Finger Sandwich, Chilled Popoto Soup, Roast Canard, Sachertorte
Sour Red Sour red icon1.png Engerrand, O'rhoyod, Fridurih Lentils and Chestnuts, Eft Steak, Beef Stew, Steamed Catfish
Spicy Tomato Relish Spicy tomato relish icon1.png Level 50** Culinarian
Star Anise Star anise icon1.png Steamed Catfish
Sticky Rice Sticky rice icon1.png Cheese Risotto, Black Truffle Risotto
Sun Lemon Sun lemon icon1.png Sahagin Vendor Raw Oyster, Salmon Meuniere, Smoked Raptor, Tuna Miq'abob, Cheese Souffle, Deviled Eggs
Sunflower Seeds Sunflower seeds icon1.png Tanie
Sunset Wheat Sunset wheat icon1.png Jossy Frumenty, Sunset Wheat Flour
Sunset Wheat Flour Sunset wheat flour icon1.png Sahagin Vendor, Littlejohn Level 7 Culinarian Tree Toad Legs, Mutton Stew, Pie Dough, Walnut Bread, Antelope Stew, Honey Muffin, Salmon Meuniere, Dark Pretzel, Bass Ball, Ginger Cookie, Orobon Stew, Crumpet, Cornbread, Herring Ball, Raptor Stew, Salt Cod Puffs, Beef Stew, Pan-fried Mahi-Mahi, Pineapple Ponzecake, Lava Toad Legs, Sachertorte, Popoto Pancakes
Sweet Cream Sweet cream icon1.png Level 6 Culinarian Mashed Popotoes, Orobon Stew, Cawl Cennin, Cream Cheese, Stuffed Artichoke, Dzemael Gratin, Rolanberry Cheesecake, Apkallu Omelette, Chilled Popoto Soup, Sachertorte
Syrcus Shard Syrcus shard icon1.png Syrcus Tower
Table Salt Table salt icon1.png Sahagin Vendor Level 1 Culinarian Grilled Trout, Flatbread, Braised Pipira, Boiled Crayfish, Grilled Dodo, Pie Dough, Grilled Carp, Salt Cod, Dodo Omelette, Meat Miq'abob, Stone Soup, Roasted Nopales, Walnut Bread, Grilled Warmwater Trout, Chicken and Mushrooms, Antelope Steak, Spinach Saute, Mustard Eggs, Dark Pretzel, Pea Soup, Aldgoat Steak, Fried Egg, Crumpet, Baked Sole, Alligator Salad, Smoked Raptor, Forest Miq'abob, Tuna Miq'abob, Acorn Cookie, Scrambled Eggs, Sauerkraut, Mugwort Carp, Raptor Stew, Pastry Fish, Grilled Raincaller, Jerked Beef, Button Mushroom Saute, Buttons in a Blanket, Dagger Soup, Tomato Pie, Pan-fried Mahi-Mahi, Landtrap Salad, Apkallu Omelette, Spinach Quiche, Chilled Popoto Soup, Spicy Tomato Relish, Popoto Pancakes
Thanalan Tea Leaves Thanalan tea leaves icon1.png Mulled Tea, Green Drop
Thyme Thyme icon1.png Salt Cod Puffs
Tomato Sauce Tomato sauce icon1.png Level 12 Culinarian Mole Loaf, Dodo Omelette, Buttons in a Blanket
Tree Toad Tree toad icon1.png Holasfhis Tree Toad Legs
Unaspected Crystal Unaspected crystal icon1.png Grade 1 Wheel of Confrontation, Grade 1 Wheel of Productivity, Grade 1 Wheel of Industry, Grade 1 Wheel of Longeing, Grade 1 Wheel of Rivalry, Grade 1 Wheel of Company, Grade 1 Wheel of Initiation, Grade 1 Wheel of Capacity, Grade 1 Wheel of Observation, Grade 1 Wheel of Efficiency, Grade 1 Wheel of Precision, Grade 1 Wheel of Dedication, Grade 1 Wheel of Nutriment, Grade 1 Wheel of Permanence, Grade 1 Wheel of Revival, Grade 1 Wheel of Pilgrimage
Vanilla Beans Vanilla beans icon1.png
Vintage Cooking Sherry Vintage cooking sherry icon1.png Tailor-made Eel Pie
Virgin Basilisk Egg Virgin basilisk egg icon1.png Tinker's Calm
White Truffle White truffle icon1.png Scrambled Eggs
Wild Onion Wild onion icon1.png Jossy Marmot Steak, Mutton Stew, Tomato Sauce, Mole Loaf, Rabbit Pie, Antelope Stew, Shepherd's Pie, Pea Soup, Cheese Risotto, Boiled Bream, Chicken Stock, Cawl Cennin, Fish Soup, Beef Stew, Tomato Pie, Landtrap Salad, Black Truffle Risotto, Lava Toad Legs
Wizard Eggplant Wizard eggplant icon1.png Boiled Bream, Ratatouille
Young Cieldalaes Spinach Young cieldalaes spinach icon1.png Spinach Quiche
Young Dodo Roaster Young dodo roaster icon1.png

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