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Cutter's Cry Guide
Near an old mountain path once used by Sixth Astral Era woodcutters as a detour through the more perilous stretches of northern Thanalan, lies a cave sought out only by the ignorant or the foolish. Upon first glance, the shade of its maw might appear inviting to one who seeks to escape the punishing rays of the midday sun. However, any good woodcutter knows to keep his distance, for it is said all who enter, never return - the cries of the damned echoing up from the depths the only testament to their folly. Heed this dire warning, and you may live. Ignore it, and soon it shall be your screams that add to the cacophony.
—Game Description

Cutter's Cry is a Optional Level 38 - 40 dungeon located in Central Thanalan (x15,y14).


  1. Slay all the enemies
  2. Slay all the enemies
  3. Clear the Feeding Pit
  4. Clear the Sunken Antechamber
  5. Defeat the chimera


Name Drops
Arkose Golem
Canyon Condor
Giant Tunnel Worm
Myrmidon Guard
Myrmidon Marshal
Myrmidon Sentry
Myrmidon Soldier
Name Drops
Quicksand Basilisk
Sabotender Desertor
Sand Bat
Schorl Doblyn
Spriggan Crier


Myrmidon Princess

Myrmidon Princess is the first boss of Cutter's Cry. Her main abilities include:

  • Mandible Bite is a frontal cone AoE attack that damages all targets within.
  • Silence is a spell used to silence one of your party members for a short time.
  • Trap Jaws is an instant, melee attack.
  • Haste is a spell used by the Myrmidon Princess to increase the attack speed of her adds.

At around half health Myrmidon Princess will summon 3 types of adds to aid her in combat:

  • Myrmidon Marshal is the most dangerous add type. It has an AoE frontal cone ability, Mandible Bite, that damages all targets caught within. The Marshal can also use an ability named Formic Pheromones. Formic Pheromones places a healing over time buff on Myrmidon Princess.
  • Myrmidon Guard is the 2nd add type. It also has Mandible Bite, the frontal AoE cone ability.
  • Myrmidon Soldier is the least dangerous add type. It has only the basic attack.

It is recommended to kill Myrmidon Marshal first, Myrmidon Guard second, and Myrmidon Soldiers last. Alternatively, the boss does very little damage and the adds can be kited around the room by a healer.

Giant Tunnel Worm

Giant Tunnel Worm is the humongous worm boss of Cutter's Cry. Throughout the fight, Giant Tunnel Worm will submerge underneath the sandy grounds of the boss room. The Worm is the most dangerous when it is submerged. The worm's main abilities include:

  • Sandstorm is an instant frontal attack that deals a small amount of damage.
  • Sand Cyclone is a spell that targets a random party member. It does a small amount of damage and inflicts a damage over time debuff.
  • Sand Pillar is an ability used by the Worm when it is burrowed. Sand Pillar damages any player standing on top of the sand trap.
  • Earthbreak is an ability used by the Worm when it is burrowed. Tunnel Worm explodes out of the ground and heavily damages anyone near it.
  • Bottomless Desert is an ability used by the Worm when it is burrowed. It appears as a whirlwind on the ground, does small amount of damage and pulls all party members towards its center.

Spreading out when the worm submerges reduces the chance that multiple party members will be hit when it emerges from the sand. It is important that after it does the Bottomless desert that adventurers move out of the center to not get hit when the worm emerges.


The final boss of Cutter's Cry, the Chimera requires close attention to know where to step. The Chimera has a Frontal Cone called Lion's Breath that deals a moderate amount of fire damage. Occasionally the Chimera will use the abilities Ram's Breath and Dragon's Breath. Ram's Breath causes Ice damage and heavy on the right side of its body and Dragon's Breath causes Thunder damage and paralysis on the left side of its body. Melee DPS can stand directly behind the Chimera to avoid these cones, but the tank will have to move left or right to sidestep their effects. Most of Chimera's attacks will paralyze its target, which can be cleansed with Esuna, but Adventurers with low hit points should be extra careful.

At 75% of its life, the Chimera will begin to use two attacks called Dragon's Voice and Ram's Voice. When players see one of the two messages below, they need to either move closer to the boss or away from it:

  • When the Chimera's eyes glow violet - When performing Dragon's Voice, a thundercloud AoE attack that damages and paralyzes everyone outside of Chimera's melee range. Ranged damage dealers and healers should move toward the boss immediately.
  • When the Chimera's eyes glow blue - When performing Ram's Voice, an ice AoE attack that damages and heavies everyone in Chimera's melee range. Tanks and melee damage dealers should move away from him as soon as possible.

The Chimera will randomly begin targeting adventurers with two new abilities as well:

  • Cacophony - The Chimera sends out a purple ball of energy that travels to the target and explodes. That party member targeted by this ability should move away from the ball immediately. If the ball hits a player while it is traveling, it will explode immediately. Explosion not only damages players but also paralyzes them.
  • Ram's Keeper - The Chimera spits an ice orb that flies from the Chimera to one random player. It triggers a ground indicator and will leave an icy patch at that location.



Item Icon Item Level Requirement Slot Defence Magic Defence Stats and Attributes
Aetherial Aquamarine Bracelet Aetherial aquamarine bracelet icon1.png
Aetherial Garnet Bracelet Aetherial garnet bracelet icon1.png
Aetherial Garnet Earrings Aetherial garnet earrings icon1.png
Aetherial Garnet Ring Aetherial garnet ring icon1.png
Aetherial Pearl Ring Aetherial pearl ring icon1.png
Aetherial Red Coral Armillae Aetherial red coral armillae icon1.png

All aetherial items will have up to three additional random bonus stats when dropped.


Item Icon Item Level Requirement Slot Defence Magic Defence Stats and Attributes
Divining Hat Divining hat icon1.png 40 Disciples of Magic
Level 38
Head 25 49 Vitality +6, Intelligence +5, Mind +5, Determination +4, Spell Speed +8
Engineer's Leggings Engineers leggings icon1.png 40 Disciples of War
Level 38
Feet 37 37 Strength +5, Dexterity +5, Vitality +6, Critical Hit Rate +6, Skill Speed +8
Venerer's Bracers Venerers bracers icon1.png 40 Disciples of War
Level 38
Hands 37 37 Strength +5, Dexterity +5, Vitality +6, Critical Hit Rate +8, Skill Speed +6
Aetherial Horn Scale Mail Aetherial horn scale mail icon1.png 38 GLA MRD LNC PLD WAR DRG
Level 38
Body 96 96 Strength +8, Vitality +9

All aetherial items will have up to three additional random bonus stats when dropped.


Item Icon Item Level Requirement Damage (Type) Auto-attack Delay Stats and Attributes
Aetherial Embossed Book of Silver Aetherial embossed book of silver icon1.png
Aetherial Mythril Claws Aetherial mythril claws icon1.png 38 PGL MNK
Level 38
25 (Physical) 21.33 2.56 Strength +9, Vitality +10
Aetherial Yarzonshell Harpoon Aetherial yarzonshell harpoon icon1.png
Blunt Goblin Gladius Blunt goblin gladius icon1.png 33 GLD PLD
Level 38
21 (Physical) 14.00 2.00 Strength +5, Vitality +6

All aetherial items will have up to three additional random bonus stats when dropped.



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