Archer Traits

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Archer Traits
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Traits are passive bonuses that enhance the character and improve his or her abilities. Archer's traits give him increased damage and adds additional effects to his abilities.


Level 8 Heavier shot.pngHeavier Shot- Adds to Heavy Shot 20% chance that your next Straight Shot will deal critical damage.

Level 14 Enhanced dexterity i.pngEnhanced Dexterity- Increases Dexterity by 2.

Level 16 Enhanced dexterity ii.pngEnhanced Dexterity II- Increases Dexterity by 4.

Level 20 Increased action damage.pngIncreased Action Damage- Increases base action damage by 10%.

Level 24 Enhanced venomous bite.pngEnhanced Venomous Bite- Extends Venomous Bite duration to 18 seconds.

Level 28 Enhanced raging strike.pngEnhanced Raging Strike- Shortens Raging Strike cooldown to 120 seconds.

Level 32 Enhanced dexterity iii.pngEnhanced Dexterity III- Increases Dexterity by 6.

Level 36 Enhanced quick knock.pngEnhanced Quick Knock- Extends Quick Knock range to 12 yards.

Level 40 Increased action damage ii.pngIncreased Action Damage II- Increases base action damage by 20%.

Level 44 Enhanced barrage.pngEnhanced Barrage- Increases number of strikes per auto-attack for Barrage to three.

Level 48 River of blood.pngRiver of Blood- Grants a 50% chance that damage over time inflicted by Venomous Bite or Windbite will reset the Bloodletter cooldown.

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